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"Sandstorm is an open source operating system for personal and private clouds."

"What can I do with it?

Create Google-Docs-like spreadsheets, documents, forms, etc. with EtherCalc, Etherpad, Sandforms,, and more.

Share documents, diagrams, and other files with your colleagues and friends, and collaborate in real-time.

Sync up with your colleagues securely with great chat applications like Rocket.Chat.

How is it different?

Usability | Designed for Humans
Sandstorm is the easiest way there has ever been to run a server.

Sandstorm requires no technical expertise to use.

Installing apps on Sandstorm is as easy as installing apps on your phone. No need to read documentation and edit config files – and no need to wait for IT to do it for you.

Sandstorm emphasizes users over apps.

You log into Sandstorm, not into each app separately.

All of your data across all apps (documents, chat rooms, whatever) can be found and searched in one place, rather than logging into each one separately.

You can share and collaborate on anything – or keep it private.

Security | Secure by Default
Sandstorm is ridiculously secure.

The biggest challenge to securing any server is buggy apps. Some app developers are good at security, but some are not, and it's usually impossible to know who is whom without doing a costly security audit.

Sandstorm, therefore, takes a different approach: break data down into "grains" (for example, individual documents, or chat rooms) and isolate each one in a secure sandbox from which it cannot talk to the world without your express permission. With this approach, no matter how buggy your document editor might be, each document can only possibly be accessed by the people you shared it with. No matter how buggy your chat room, only the people you permitted will ever see the logs.

Skeptical? Check out our security docs and list of security non-events to learn more.

Because Sandstorm manages access control on every document, it can tell you who has accessed your data and allow you to revoke that access at any time. Prove that your sensitive data is secure by reviewing all the systems it is connected to."
cloud  opensource  privacy  security  servers  sandstorm  onlinetoolkit  ethercalc  etherpad  sandforms 
february 2016 by robertogreco
"Draftastic is a new kind of collaborative editor. We make it simple for any number of people to edit the same document at once without getting in each other’s way.

Co-authoring a paper? Copyediting the next big novel? Brainstorming that business plan? Sick of mailing Word files back and forth? Draftastic can help.

Draftastic lets everyone type in the same document at once, but will never let anyone type over you. Simple as that. You can learn more in our Q & A, but the best way to learn about it is to try it with a friend."
nickblanchard-wright  draftastic  co-authoring  etherpad  writing  collaborative  collaborativewriting  charlieloyd 
may 2012 by robertogreco
The Simple Software That Could -- but Probably Won't -- Change the Face of Writing - James Somers - Technology - The Atlantic
"Writing is different. A writer explores, & as he explores, he purposely forgets the way he came.

…word "essay" derives from French "essayer," a verb meaning "to try."…coined in late 16th century by Michel de Montaigne, in many ways the father of the form. Montaigne wrote as a kind of maieutic exercise, a way of drawing his thoughts into the light of day, of discovering what he wanted to say as he said it.

No need, then, to drop so many breadcrumbs along the way. Especially when such a trail could do more harm than good. Readers could use it to find places where you massaged the facts; they'd be able to see you struggle w/ simple structural problems; they'd watch, horrified, as you replaced an audacious idea, or character, or construction, w/ a commonplace.

This is not to mention the legal ramifications (teasing out someone's "intention" just got a whole lot easier…) nor the mere fact that working under this kind of surveillance could drive you crazy w/ self-consciousness."
writing  etherpad  technology  software  paulgraham  jamessomers  classideas  thinking  learning  essays 
december 2010 by robertogreco
"TitanPad was launched to provide an EtherPad setup which is unrelated to any commercial and political entities. Its goal is to offer a stable service through proper operating.
etherpad  tcsnmy  onlinetoolkit  collaboration  writing  realtime  sharing  editing  documents  collaborative 
april 2010 by robertogreco
EtherPad Blog: Saving is Obsolete
"ever forgot to hit "save" and lost work? Ever wished you could go back to an earlier version of a document to see how the document evolved? Now you can. EtherPad keeps track of all your typing in realtime. With our new Time-Slider, you can browse the complete history of a document using a familiar user interface...When writing, I often find I have a solid draft, but as I continue to edit I realize that my editing made things worse. Or sometimes a co-worker will edit a document I started, and take it in a different direction, and I will want to go back to my version. I used to deal with this by using "Save As...", but this just creates a mess of different files. Now, instead of saving a separate file, I just create a "bookmark" in the document's timeline using the EtherPad Time-Slider. We've also found the Time-Slider to be interesting for watching how a document got to where it is...captured Paul Graham writing an essay about startups, now viewable in our time-slider UI."
writing  timelines  etherpad  collaboration  tools  onlinetoolkit  software  editing  tcsnmy  examples  paulgraham 
september 2009 by robertogreco

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