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‪Teddy Cruz Presentation‬‏ - YouTube
"We can be the producers of new conceptions of citzenship in the reorganizing of resources and collaborations across jurisdictions and communities…We could be the designers of political process, of alternative economic frameworks."

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july 2011 by robertogreco
City offers lifetime tram passes in exchange for citizens’ cars | Springwise
"There are many approaches cities can take to reduce the number of cars on their roads. We’ve seen numerous bike-sharing schemes, for example, as well as similar efforts to share electric cars, but until just recently we had never come across anything quite as dramatic as what Spain’s city of Murcia recently proposed. The government of Murcia has offered to give citizens lifetime passes to its brand-new tram system in exchange for turning over their cars."
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july 2011 by robertogreco
Zach Klein's Blog - Special Request
"I collect hand drawn maps. I’m proposing that you send me a hand drawn map to a place that is special to you. In exchange I will send a map of my own, to a place that I love, back to you.

Please send your map as well as a stamped self-addressed envelope (so I can mail you back) to:

Zach Klein
81 E 2nd Street #2R
New York, NY 10003

Thanks ahead!!"
classideas  handdrawn  maps  mapping  exchanges  sharing  trading  zachklein  collections  plp 
august 2010 by robertogreco

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