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Episode 32: KIDS | The BitterSweet Life
"We meet three American girls in Orvieto, Italy. Giulia (age 13), Paloma (age 11), and Viola (age 8) have been expats their whole lives. How do they view the United States from afar? Do they feel like they fit in with the local kids their age?

WATCH: The girls perform with travel guru, Rick Steves: "
children  thirdculturekids  2014  travel  expats  kids  unitedstates  thebittersweetlife  ricksteves  education  schools  learning  belonging  katysewall  tiffanyparks 
february 2015 by robertogreco
ClubOrlov: America—The Grim Truth [A bit over the top, but there are some major truths in here, especially about the worry that results from the financial precariousness we feel as part of our system, lack of social safety net]
"Americans, I have some bad news for you:

You have the worst quality of life in the developed world—by a wide margin.

If you had any idea of how people really lived in Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and many parts of Asia, you’d be rioting in the streets calling for a better life. In fact, the average Australian or Singaporean taxi driver has a much better standard of living than the typical American white-collar worker.

I know this because I am an American, and I escaped from the prison you call home.

I have lived all around the world, in wealthy countries and poor ones, and there is only one country I would never consider living in again: The United States of America. The mere thought of it fills me with dread.

Consider this…"
politics  collapse  us  economics  health  healthcare  expats  2010  via:mathowie  finance  well-being  qualityoflife  food  pharmaceuticals  work  balance  australia  fragmentation  teaparty  immigration  emmigration  canada  newzealand  japan  europe  comparison  middleeast  guns  safety  society  fear  dystopia  unemployment  decline  oil  peakoil  grimfutures  change  policy  freedom  germany  finland  italy  france  scandinavia  singlepayerhealthsystem  government  socialsafetynet  bankruptcy 
december 2010 by robertogreco
EXPATS IN CHILE - EXPATS IN CHILE "Many Nations, One Community"
"Exclusive Network for Expatriates Living in Chile "Services & Assistance by Expats for Expats" Members: 829 Countries: 38"
chile  networks  expats 
february 2010 by robertogreco
All Chile Forum
"The All Chile Forum and Chile Wiki is the Expat Community center for living in Chile or relocating to Chile, South America. The Chile Forum is the source for finding information on working, living, investing, visiting, politics, news, and more all focused on Chile, South America. We are a fully community driven social network of people interested in all things Chilean. Among others, our Chile Forum members are Expats, Chileans, Students, Retired, moving to Chile, the curious, and anyone else that wants to learn about Chile."
chile  forums  expats 
january 2010 by robertogreco
Driven down by debt, Dubai expats give new meaning to long-stay car park - Times Online
"For many expatriate workers in Dubai it was the ultimate symbol of their tax-free wealth: a luxurious car that few could have afforded on the money they earned at home. Now, faced with crippling debts as a result of their high living and Dubai’s fading fortunes, many expatriates are abandoning their cars at the airport and fleeing home rather than risk jail for defaulting on loans. Police have found more than 3,000 cars outside Dubai’s international airport in recent months. Most of the cars – four-wheel drives, saloons and “a few” Mercedes – had keys left in the ignition. Some had used-to-the-limit credit cards in the glove box. Others had notes of apology attached to the windscreen."
economics  debt  dubai  bubble  immigration  migration  crisis  2009  finance  peakoil  tourism  expats 
february 2009 by robertogreco
"Musings about food, people, places and misadventures in the city of Buenos Aires."
argentina  buenosaires  expats  blogs 
november 2007 by robertogreco

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