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Hayao Miyazaki - The Essence of Humanity - YouTube
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"Lewis Bond takes a look at the work of master filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki and what sets him apart from other makers of animated movies, including his work’s realism and empathy."]
animation  hayaomiyazaki  humanism  humanity  filmmaking  storytelling  lewisbond  empathy  realism  emotions  reality  unpredicatablity  subtlety  anime  manga  expressiveness  expressions 
october 2015 by robertogreco
Amanda Knox: What's in a face? | World news | The Guardian
"Amanda Knox was convicted of murder and her reputation sullied around the world, in large part because of her facial expressions and demeanour. Her story reveals how our instincts about others can be dangerously superficial, writes Ian Leslie"

"Most us know, when we reflect rationally, that other people are as complex and difficult to read or predict as we are, and we do compensate for the natural imbalance in our encounters with others. The trouble is, we rarely compensate enough. Thinking about what others might be thinking and feeling is hard work. It requires intellectual application, empathy, and imagination. Most of the time we can barely be bothered to exert such efforts on behalf of our friends and partners, let alone on people we read about in the news. We fall back on guesses, stereotypes, and prejudices. This is inevitable, and not always a bad thing. The trouble comes when we confuse our short-cuts with judgment."
psychology  impressions  behavior  2011  ianleslie  amandaknox  judgement  expressions  facialexpressions  crime  social  nonverbalcues  prejudices  guessing  intuition 
october 2011 by robertogreco
Short Schrift: The New Liberal Arts: Photography ["Photography is a comprehensive science; photography is a comparative literature."]
"classical liberal arts are arts of the word, products of the book, letter, lecture…Renaissance added plastic arts of painting & sculpture, & modernity those of laboratory…new liberal arts are overwhelmingly arts of the DOCUMENT, & the photograph is the document par excellence.

Like exact sciences, photographic arts are industrial, blurring line btwn knowledge & technology…Like painting & sculpture, they are visual, aesthetic, based in both intuition & craft. Like writing, photography is both an action & an object: writing makes writing & photography makes photography. & like writing, photographic images have their own version of the trivium—a logic, grammar & rhetoric.

We don't only SEE pictures; we LEARN how they're structured & how they become meaningful…

Photography is science of the interrelation & specificity of all of these forms, as well as their reproduction, recontextualization, & redefinition…"
timcarmody  2009  newliberalarts  photography  seeing  intuition  craft  writing  documents  actions  objects  meaning  expressions  communication  logic  grammar  composition  art  visual 
april 2011 by robertogreco Americans and Japanese Read Faces Differently
"Culture is a huge factor in determining whether we look someone in the eye or the kisser to interpret facial expressions, according to a new study."
anthropology  behavior  communication  culture  emotions  expression  expressions  faces  japan  japanese  psychology  research  science  social  society  sociology 
may 2007 by robertogreco
Faces, Too, Are Searched at U.S. Airports - New York Times
"Taking a page from Israeli airport security, the transportation agency has been experimenting with this new squad, whose members do not look for bombs, guns or knives. Instead, the assignment is to find anyone with evil intent."
news  privacy  transportation  surveillance  psychology  politics  airplanes  travel  emotions  expressions 
august 2006 by robertogreco Dave Eggers and Friends
"The cluelessness of some over-intelligent men intrigues me. Did Gore have any sense of who he was talking to as he fretted for the friend who couldn’t spell? Spike Jonze could barely string a sentence together, let alone punctuate it on paper, but he
film  words  books  language  creativity  education  learning  politics  expressions 
june 2006 by robertogreco

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