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"Our Bold Idea

Most education reform initiatives look at classroom size, instruction time or teacher qualification but these still center on marginal changes that never touch the learning core – the teacher-student-content relationship.

We transform just that.

1) We counter traditional models of education where content mastery is the goal. Instead, we see content as the vehicle to help students develop creativity and critical thinking skills – they learn to learn.

2) We constantly interchange roles of teacher and learner. Students are the life force of great learning and systemic reform, reinvigorating schools and their communities. Moreover, Tutoría transforms one’s identity. Students discover the joy in helping another learn and realize that it is in giving that they gain and excel. This creates a new social order where collaboration –rather than competition– drives excellence. This movement drives and generates itself, healing communities from the inside out."

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september 2015 by robertogreco

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