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Bay Area Disrupted: Fred Turner on Vimeo
"Interview with Fred Turner in his office at Stanford University.

Graphics: Magda Tu
Editing: Michael Krömer
Concept: Andreas Bick"
fredturner  counterculture  california  opensource  bayarea  google  softare  web  internet  history  sanfrancisco  anarchism  siliconvalley  creativity  freedom  individualism  libertarianism  2014  social  sociability  governance  myth  government  infrastructure  research  online  burningman  culture  style  ideology  philosophy  apolitical  individuality  apple  facebook  startups  precarity  informal  bureaucracy  prejudice  1960s  1970s  bias  racism  classism  exclusion  inclusivity  inclusion  communes  hippies  charism  cultofpersonality  whiteness  youth  ageism  inequality  poverty  technology  sharingeconomy  gigeconomy  capitalism  economics  neoliberalism  henryford  ford  empowerment  virtue  us  labor  ork  disruption  responsibility  citizenship  purpose  extraction  egalitarianism  society  edtech  military  1940s  1950s  collaboration  sharedconsciousness  lsd  music  computers  computing  utopia  tools  techculture  location  stanford  sociology  manufacturing  values  socialchange  communalism  technosolutionism  business  entrepreneurship  open  liberalism  commons  peerproduction  product 
december 2018 by robertogreco
Sweet Juniper! - Don't let them die
"I do see this economic climate as an opportunity for change. It is a chance for us all to step back and think about where the things we buy are made, and all of what that means. It is a chance to accept that much of what we consider wealth isn't even real. If we're going to spend $700 billion to bail out those greedy firms who successfully used chicanery for years to manufacture an economy built of lies, shouldn't we also spend $25 billion to save one of the few remaining industries that actually design, engineer, and manufacture something real and necessary in this country?"
bigthree  autoindustry  gm  chrysler  ford  bailout  detroit  making  finance  us  economics  industry  2008  crisis  austerity  comments 
november 2008 by robertogreco
BBC NEWS | The Reporters | Robert Peston - Forced convergence of China and US
"Because US financial institutions both borrowed and lent too much, and because many other mighty companies took on far too much debt, they have been facing collapse. And where they are perceived as too big too fail (where the collateral damage were they to fall over would be devastating), the US government is stepping in with financial succour from taxpayers. For years the great trend in the world was the embracement of free enterprise in China. But now, in America's darkest hour for generations, the US is embracing a form of state-control and intervention that looks remarkably Chinese."
via:preoccupations  capitalism  china  us  finance  economics  crisis  bailout  socialism  government  autoindustry  gm  ford  chrysler  banking  2008 
november 2008 by robertogreco
Bustup Not Bailout
"I am sympathetic to the arguments that we cannot allow the entire supply chain of the auto industry fail and I am certainly aware how many plants will close and jobs will be lost if we let GM, Chrysler, and Ford fail. Its a tough call and Obama has already staked out a pro bailout auto position. So I hope someone in his incoming team reads this...If we give taxpayer money to the auto business, it should be to finance a wholesale bustup of the business. One PE firm should buy Volt. Another should buy Buick. A third should buy Jeep...And if a brand can't find a buyer at any price with a boatload of taxpayer money behind it then it should fail. This is the best way out of this mess. We have to get the biggest businesses in this country smaller and nimbler, we have to get smart money behind them, builders not spreadsheet pushers, and we must focus on innovation not lobbying. That's the only way forward that makes sense short of throwing them all under the bus and starting over"
politics  economics  policy  bailout  autoindustry  ford  gm  chrysler  us  business  finance  competition  government  via:tomc 
november 2008 by robertogreco
Damn Interesting » The Ruins of Fordlândia
"a tiny piece of America which was transplanted into the Amazon rain forest for a single purpose: to create the largest rubber plantation on the planet. Though enormously ambitious, the project was ultimately a fantastic failure."
amazon  architecture  colonialism  ford  history  brasil  brazil 
february 2008 by robertogreco
Ford truck with RFID tool tracker - Boing Boing
"Developed with DeWalt & ThingMagic, Tool Link system comes with bunch of wireless RFID tags you attach to display shows what's in your truck so you can tell right away if someone snagged your hammer, or, hopefully, you just left it at the
rfid  everyware  ubicomp  possessions  ford  ownership  cars  tools 
february 2008 by robertogreco

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