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Rod Dreher » Steve Jobs or Coach Eric Taylor?
"An average life. The kind of life most of us will have. The kind of life that can be a thing of beauty and worthy of praise…

…Leon Bloy famously said, “There is only one tragedy in the end: not to have been a saint.” Saints can be great men (or women) of the world, or they can be quiet servants. Only God knows… whatever vocation one pursues, whether on the world stage or in the anonymity of our own back yards, the path to sanctity is always before us — and that, in the end, is the only dream worth pursuing. I didn’t always know that. I’m grateful to have learned it.

I mean, look, good for Steve Jobs. I mean that. But I’d rather be Coach Taylor. Very damn few of us have the talent to become Steve Jobs, and even fewer of us will have the opportunity as well. But we can all be Coach Taylor."
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october 2011 by robertogreco
Very Deep in America by Lorrie Moore | The New York Review of Books
"“Rooting is in our blood,” Janet Malcolm has written, and when traveling around this country one would be hard-pressed not to notice that sports stadiums have become to the United States what opera houses are to Germany. Every community has one, even ones without much money. Friday Night Lights, whose final season has just come to a close, is a weekly hour-long dramatic series (forty-three minutes without commercials) whose focus is a high school football team and its place in a particular Texas town by the fictional name of Dillon—inspired by the real-life town of Odessa."
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august 2011 by robertogreco
Generation 'FNL' | The Awl
"“FNL” is about how silly, even tragic it is to be “about” something. How freeing it can be to turn your back on what you are supposed to be or to like. It points its fingers directly at self-professed “sophisticated” media consumers & asks us: “Don’t you like things that are beautiful?”"

"Unlike so many television shows, "FNL" was always able to hit that sweet spot where teenagers are beautiful in their raw inarticulateness & adults are, like, heartbreakingly attractive in their desire to take care."

"…this is basically what "FNL" talks to us about, how time moves so strangely, how we go from late nights drinking beer & messing around in a deserted field w/ our friends, our problems seemingly so huge, to late nights drinking wine w/ a partner, the very hair on our heads weary, our problems seemingly so huge. The thing that the show did so beautifully was refuse to belittle any of these micro-times that we all pass through during a life lived."
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july 2011 by robertogreco
The Smart Set: Town Crier - July 22, 2009
"Pop culture seems to have 2 general depictions of small towns...naive, sleepy, hamlet where nothing ever happens, populated w/ lovable eccentrics & warm-hearted folk...setup sees the return of the prodigal son or arrival of an outsider, almost always from the "big city," of which townies speak w/ disdain...protagonist will eventually fall in love w/ more wholesome type of woman & realize what he's needed all along is simpler kind of life...shows like Northern Exposure & Ed...other stereotype involves placid calm that masks swirling tempest of murder (Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt), violence, racism (Pudd'nhead Wilson), small mindedness & cowfucking (that would be Faulkner)...most accurate depiction of life in small town...Friday Night Lights...constantly in danger of being canceled...Americans love myth of small town, while reality is a little harder to come by. Small town culture is actually in decline, which maybe explains the renewed nostalgia. We are an increasingly urban species"
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july 2009 by robertogreco

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