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I Love Charts – Every newspaper in New York spells Qaddafi’s name...
"Every newspaper in New York spells Qaddafi’s name differently, so I figured I’d look it up on Wikipedia. They really cleared it up for me."
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march 2011 by robertogreco
In Arming Libyan Rebels, U.S. Would Follow an Old, Dark Path - Max Fisher - International - The Atlantic
"The U.S. has a long, complicated, and dark history of arming rebel groups around the world…Argentina and Honduras…Chile…Nicaragua…Khmer Rouge…

…cycle is a familiar one: rather than commit American lives to a murky & uncertain conflict, White House asks CIA to find or create local proxies that can do the fighting for us. We invariably find the most skilled fighters, most ruthless killers, who can best challenge or outright topple whatever regime—often communist, usually despotic & deserving of ouster—has earned American ire. But the conflict often escalates & turns for worse…

Violence begets violence, instability begets instability, and the U.S. tactic of arming rebels has been incredibly successful at fomenting both, but has done little to end either, often creating problems far outsizing those we originally meant to solve.

Neither the French nor the British share this sordid history with the U.S."
politics  history  intelligence  france  foreignpolicy  us  2011  libya  cambodia  honduras  nicaragua  chile  argentina  afghanistan  pakistan  cia  dirtywar  gorevidal  amnesia  taliban  gaddafi  uk  williamcasey  barackobama  josephlieberman  williamhague  pinochet  communism  coldwar  genocide  despotism  khmerrouge  vietnam 
march 2011 by robertogreco
Berlusconi and Gaddafi: Their Close Friendship - The Daily Beast
"Until the bombs started falling, Berlusconi and Gaddafi were much more than casual acquaintances and bilateral buddies. The two shared an intimate friendship that was evident every time they met. When other world leaders graciously shook hands, Berlusconi and Gaddafi were like giddy schoolmates in each other’s presence … The two men share a penchant for sexed-up, orgiastic celebrations, and the all-female security detail that Gaddafi traveled with seemed straight out of the Berlusconi playbook."
berlusconi  gaddafi  2011 
march 2011 by robertogreco
For the Love of the Leader | DocumentaryStorm - Stream Full Documentaries
"This is the story of an extraordinary love affair between one Nation’s women and its leader.<br />
<br />
The Nation is Libya, an Islamic socialist state.<br />
<br />
Its leader, Muammar Gaddafi, a man reviled in the west as a brutal dictator, but in Libya “held up as a great revolutionary, and the liberator of islamic women.” For Libyan women; what does this liberation mean? And what price do they pay for the love of their leader?<br />
<br />
For the Love of the Leader focus on the female bodyguards in Libya who protect the “Mad Dog” of Tripoli, Muammar Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi.<br />
<br />
Gaddafi has reigned supreme in Libya for 42 years. but after month long tensions, Western countries have started to deploy their military forces into Libya and have launched a full scale attack. An investigation of this documentary might give us a glimpse into a Libyan lifestyle, or give a taste of propoganda fueled over years of indoctrination."
gaddafi  libya  documentary  amazonianguard  2011  bodyguards  women  gender 
march 2011 by robertogreco

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