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Technology fetishism is skin deep | Guy Dammann | Comment is free |
"We flatter ourselves with endless talk about living at the "cutting edge" in an era of "constant change" and "permanent technological revolution". Most of the time, though, by conspiring to keep capacity at a set distance from potential, the progress implicit in the technological cycle of perpetual upgrading is an illusion we use to distract us from the numbingly slow speed at which real change actually takes place. How else do you explain that, over 80 years after women obtained equal voting rights in this country, we still can't get more than four of them round the cabinet table, or more than one woman for every nine men into our company boardrooms?

Still, at least we can read all about it on the latest iDespair format while waiting distractedly for society to upgrade itself." [via: ]
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august 2010 by robertogreco

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