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Education Sector: Research and Reports: Teachers at Work
"Instead of isolating teachers, Generation Schools model organizes them into grade- & subject-based teams, designed to blend different types of expertise & levels of experience...daily schedule & calendar are designed w/ time for regular & ongoing teacher collaboration & planning, giving teachers "time to learn from each other & from their work," Brown says. In mornings, all teachers teach 90-min academic classes that average 14 students; afternoons are divided into shorter, larger elective courses & 2 hours of daily planning. Twice a year, grade-based teaching teams get a 4-week break—3 weeks to rest & 1 week to meet, plan & observe colleagues...breaks are staggered throughout year, & while 1 group of teachers is on break, another team of their colleagues steps in to teach their students "intensive" monthlong literacy courses focused on career & college planning...result is school year that is extended to 200 days for students w/out having to extend work time (& pay) for teachers."

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