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this is the frontier.
"The Lone Ranger is dead.

We are a generation that no longer rides alone into the sunset. We are an era of collaborators, a union of communities. We are redefining what it is to be.

But the frontier is still here, it has always been here; it is the only constant. It is we who are changing, redefining, re-articulating.

So I ask you: What is the frontier?


You can do one or both of the following:

OPTION ONE: Submit a word or phrase which answers the above question. When you participate, you will see other efforts of this kind. If you leave an address, I will send you a piece of our collaboration.

OPTION TWO: Click HERE and see what others have submitted. You can choose a word or phrase that someone else has submitted, maybe something that you resonate with, maybe not, and make something with it. There are examples. The idea is to redefine, articulate, invent an discover."

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july 2011 by robertogreco

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