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robertogreco : geoweb   5's December 2008 Trend Briefing, covering half a dozen consumer trends for 2009
Nichetributs, Luxyoury, Feedback 3.0, Econcierge, Mapmania (see quote), and Happy Endings. "As the Googles, Nokias (who expect half of their handsets to be GPS enabled by 2010-2012), MapQuests, Navteqs, Openstreetmap.orgs, Apples and TomToms of this world continue to build the necessary infrastructure, devices and apps, any consumer-focused brand would be stupid not to be partnering or experimenting with map-based services. Why? Geography is about everything that is (literally) close to consumers, and it's a universally familiar method of organizing, finding and tracking relevant information on objects, events and people. And now that superior geographical information is accessible on-the-go, from in-car navigation to iPhones, the sky is the limit."
technology  branding  trendwatching  geoweb  maps  mapping  location  geography  trends  2009  mobile  marketing  participation  feedback  forums  luxury  consumers  consumption  recession  savings  green  ecology  simplicity  frugality  identity  transparency  reviews 
december 2008 by robertogreco
Near Future Laboratory » iPhone for Hertzian Space
"curious to see how platforms that are aware of location & support direct participation in creation of “apps”...away from desktop...can create new kinds of mechanisms for maintaining & knitting together networks of social relations & creation of new k
julianbleecker  iphone  applications  maps  mapping  space  architecture  social  locative  location-based  culture  knowledge  networks  networking  socialnetworks  urbanism  hertzianspace  geoweb  urbancomputing  twitter  platial  plazes  dodgeball  csiap  ios 
july 2008 by robertogreco
Technology Review: Smart Phone Suggests Things to Do
"New software uses artificial intelligence to infer your behavior and serve up appropriate lists of restaurants, stores, and events."
future  geoweb  mobile  location  phones  maps  mapping  local  locative  location-based 
june 2008 by robertogreco
Are Street-Sweepers The Solution To Street Updates? - O'Reilly Radar
"Realtime data is coming to geoweb in form of weather, traffic, our friend's locations...base mapping data is not keeping up. Streets are creating & destroyed in between 6-month to yearly updates...Could street-sweepers armed with high-res cameras capture
innovation  mapping  maps  geoweb  surveillance  municipalities  streets  cities  data  infrastructure 
may 2008 by robertogreco

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