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The Robots by Javier Pierini Javier Pierini... - FUTURESCOPE
"Javier Pierini creates hilarious flat-pack future stock-images for getty. Part of his work are simple robots in domestic environments and robots in relationship with people.

Above, you can see one of his works entitled: “Young female maid dusting robot drinking and smoking on sofa”. Following the scenario “Robot and group of executives looking at laptop in conference room”.

The captions are even better than the pictures. Here are a few more:

• Young maid scrubbing floor while robot drinks and smokes on sofa
• Robot holding computer cables
• Boy (9-11) covering ears behind sofa while robot vacuums living room
• Robot and young woman kissing in living room, side view
• Robot serving beer to young man lying on sofa with remote control
• Bride kissing robot on cheek in entryway of house, dusk
• Robot giving bouquet of flowers to young woman in entryway, side view

(Sorry for the embedded content. I would have liked to post a screenshot of the gallery but I have no idea if it’s legit and within the copywight law. But it’s worth to view the post outside of tumblr on futurescope)

[see more ]"
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may 2015 by robertogreco
Endless Archive : Joanne Mcneil
"Appropriation is thought of as the art of theft – the “great artists steal” maxim literalized. But these fragments of endless archive as tools work like an abstracted droste effect, one into another, into the next. Using custom software, found footage, and metadata, Jodi’s Folksomy plays user-generated YouTube clips like a jukebox. It is not always clear what the social bookmarking-style tags will deliver, even “facebook” or “emo” might offer up a surprise. Clashing and chaotic, delivering image pairings jarring or uncanny, the randomness of Folksomy repurposes the furthest corners of the endless archive. Each video was recorded by someone with some specific purpose in mind, but to the rest of us it seems as pointless as the next user-generated uploaded file. But found footage played simultaneously, sometimes seemingly battling each other, gives the viewer an approximation of the vastness of this archive."
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september 2012 by robertogreco

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