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robertogreco : gilesturnbull   5 In defence of Flickr
"The thing with Flickr (and I say this as a declared Flickr lover) isn't that it is no longer awesome (because it most definitely is), but that it is no longer fashionable.

The web has matured a lot in recent years, to the point where websites have become brands. Brands that can advertise and market themselves, brands that work hard to influence the minds of the younger internet users. The brands want to lure people in with the promise of free stuff and social networks, in return for personal information. Which of course, having grown up with Facebook, many of today's teens and 20-somethings are perfectly happy to give away.

I know I probably sound like a moaning old grandad at this point, but: Flickr has never been like that. It offered a service, in exchange for money. That's a tried and tested way of doing things. It worked very well before the internet came along, and there's no reason why it shouldn't continue to work now.

And what a service it offer…"
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august 2012 by robertogreco In defence of Flickr
"Flickr costs money, which makes it less fashionable than sites that claim to offer more for nothing. But to me, Flickr is the better choice. It has never stopped being awesome. Long may its awesomeness continue."
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july 2012 by robertogreco
Twitter by Post - The Morning News
"…if you get the chance to look at some old letters—properly old, from the first half of the 20th century, or older—you’ll see that they weren’t always long screeds. In fact they were often kept short and to the point.

A bit like social media updates, actually.

A letter back then might simply ask one question. The reply would answer it. Just that. A letter might describe a single event, or pass on a single piece of news. I’m pregnant. Your father is dying. I was sent on patrol last night, and I survived. I love you. I still love you. I no longer love you.

Simple, short messages. That’s what the post was for. That’s why postal services were so frequent, and why there were so many deliveries.

The post mattered. People love updates."
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december 2011 by robertogreco
What the Fuck Cricket Is by Giles Turnbull - The Morning News
"Experts answer what they know. The Non-Expert answers anything. This week, GILES TURNBULL solves one of Earth’s trickiest mysteries involving bats, balls, and scuttlewicks.<br />
<br />
Question: Seriously what the fuck is cricket. Please ask one of your British correspondents to lay it out.—G.S.<br />
<br />
Answer: In order to have a decent game of cricket, you must first ensure that it isn’t raining. <br />
<br />
For a game invented in that global capital of rain, that dominion of drizzle, England, this fact alone should give you a sign that cricket is something special. <br />
<br />
The English have thousands of words for precipitation, but only one way of calling off a game of cricket because of wet weather: “Rain stopped play.”<br />
<br />
Cricket, like photographic film, or Tara Reid, is light-sensitive. A game can be called off simply because it’s getting a tad gloomy. This, from a cold, rainy, overcast, gloomy nation like England seems incongruous. But cricket was invented for a reason. And that reason was sandwiches."
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june 2011 by robertogreco

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