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Introducing: Flickr PARK or BIRD |
"We at Flickr are not ones to back down from a challenge. Especially when that challenge comes in webcomic form. And especially when that webcomic is xkcd. So, when we saw this xkcd comic we thought, “we’ve got to do that”:


In fact, we already had the technology in place to do these things. Like the woman in the comic says, determining whether a photo with GPS info embedded into it was taken in a national park is pretty straightforward. And, the Flickr Vision team has been working for the last year or so to be able to recognize more than 1000 things in images using deep convolutional neural nets. Incidentally, one of the things we’re pretty good at recognizing is birds!

We put those things together, and thus was born!"

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"Want to know if your photo is from a U.S. national park? Want to know if it contains a bird? Just drag it into the box to the left, and we'll tell you. We'll use the GPS embedded in your photo (if it's there) to see whether it's from a park, and we'll use our super-cool computer vision skills to try to see whether it's a bird (which is a hard problem, but we do a pretty good job at it).

To try it out, just drag any photo from your desktop into the upload box, or try dragging any of our example images. We'll give you your answers below!"]
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october 2014 by robertogreco

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