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Laurent Haug’s blog » Reinventing education
"In rich world, the need to adapt to a generation of kids who are more unique, social, connected, autonomous & collaborative, sometimes know more than professors themselves. In developing world, the need to adapt to the social context of millions who are left out of traditional system...Self education is not new...Collaborative learning beats top down processes...Education can be free...Diplomas are increasingly irrelevant...Education is a fascinating topic, one that is hard to deal with because everybody has an opinion on how it should happen. We are about to see a brutal evolution...Who will vehemently resist these ideas? Teachers...Like journalists when they saw millions of web users invade their territory, they will instinctively want to fight back & protect their experts status. It's a lost war, the wrong approach. Educators will eventually settle in their new, improved place in society. After all, isn’t it more rewarding to collaborate than to direct, monitor, grade & punish?"
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june 2009 by robertogreco
Hacking Education | MetaFilter
Some comments: "What is it about a certain kind of American mindset that feels everything can be solved by the profit motives of the private sector? It seemed like a naive mentality ten years ago, but given the implosion of the economy over the past two years it's feeling downright pathological" ... "Capitalism is to education as a pipe wrench is to watercolors."
education  economics  hackingeducation  fredwilson  learning  schools  us  freemarkets  markets  reform  change  progress  profit  motives  motivation  unschooling  deschooling  homeschool  publicschools  metafilter 
may 2009 by robertogreco
Hacking Education | Union Square Ventures: A New York Venture Capital Fund Focused on Early Stage & Startup Investing
"So in the end, the technologist's enthusiasm for radically reinventing education was tempered by an increased awareness of the broader social role that our educational institutions play and a greater appreciation for the political will needed to bring the full benefits of the web to public schools. The academics and educators heard about a number of interesting experiments that use peer production, game dynamics, super distribution, and the ubiquitous connectivity of the web to create meaningful demonstrations of what can be done. The challenge for all of us it to find ways to exploit technology to reduce the cost and increase the accessibility of education; build political support for the structural changes needed to make this a reality in public schools and architect a transition from the current industrial model of education to a network based model while minimizing social dislocation." via:
hackingeducation  education  learning  unschooling  deschooling  schools  peerreview  technology  future  teaching  creativity  socialmedia  tcsnmy  lcproject  gamechanging  danahboyd  fredwilson 
may 2009 by robertogreco
Let The Students Teach
"Russell Ackoff, who I took a class from at Wharton 20+ years ago, says in his book, Turning Learning RIght Side Up, that he has learned more from teaching than anything else. Of course that makes sense. I learn way more blogging, giving talks, and teaching than I do listening to others. When you are required to explain something to others, you have to figure it out yourself first. I love the idea of turning students into teachers and I would do that going all the way down to elementary school. But in high school and college, it ought to be a primary way we educate students. I am going to dig deeper into the unschooling movement and look at other models, like the Montessori schools, to figure out who is doing this well and why. ... But if we are going to fund people who are hacking education, I think its best to figure out what is working and what is not. Then we know what to hack and why."
fredwilson  education  tcsnmy  unschooling  deschooling  change  reform  gamechanging  schools  teaching  learning  connectivism  collaboration  future  training  lcproject  montessori  sudburyschools  hackingeducation 
april 2009 by robertogreco
New Globals » Parents Put the “Ack” in Hacking Education
“What I think many ed gurus don’t recognize is how scary it is for parents to risk feeling like, well, bad parents. You can show us the best tech tools on the planet, introduce us to the brightest tutors just a click away and yet we still worry, “What if my student can’t get into a decent college because I decided to get all innovative and encouraged her to do homeschooling or skip the SAT or get a GED or study online? What THEN?” Even if we know that tuition is outrageous and that our kids could learn more easily and quickly online or by simply reading books on their own, we still feel like we have to nudge our kids toward a college degree or else we’ve FAILED them.

Why would parents send the message that their kids aren’t going to have a chance to succeed unless they get into a prestigious college? Why don’t parents have more confidence in their kids’ ability to follow the steps required to get the job done? Why do we put so much more emphasis on the process of getting into college rather than the process of becoming a confident, competent, compassionate young adult who is able to thrive in the world without help?

I believe that most parents have good instincts, but these get buried under layers of fear, ego and learned helplessness."
parenting  fear  innovation  schools  schooling  homeschool  unschooling  colleges  universities  change  reform  hackingeducation  testing  assessment  risk  learning  tcsnmy  fredwilson 
march 2009 by robertogreco
Hacking Education (continued)
"1 The student (and his/her parents) is increasingly going to take control of his/her education 2 Alternative forms of education (home schooling, charter schools, online learning, adult education/lifelong learning) are on the rise & we are just at the start of that trend. 7 Teachers are more important than ever but they will have to adapt and many will have to learn to work outside the system. ... they are like newspaper reporters in the 1990s 8 Credentialing and accreditation in the traditional sense (diplomas) will become less important 10 Spaces for learning (schools and libraries) will be re-evaluated ... the value of dedicated physical spaces for learning will decline. 11 Learning is bottom up and education is top down. We'll have more learning and less education in the future"
education  lcproject  tcsnmy  future  learning  schools  alternative  self-directedlearning  self-directed  unschooling  deschooling  homeschool  fredwilson  hackingeducation  change  reform  technology  teaching 
march 2009 by robertogreco
Fred Wilson: Hacking Education [distilled quote here stolen from David Smith, aka Preoccupations]
"the entire education system ... [is] stuck in the past. ... I want to help ... build something better in its place. ... The tools to do this are right in front of us; peer production, collaboration, social networking, web video, voip, open source, even game play. ... look at what has happened to the big media institutions ... as a guide ... use a "revolution of the ants" to take down our education institutions & replace them with something better. We all have to start participating & engaging in educating each other. ... We need to massively increase the number of students ... [good teachers] can reach ... our education system is not set up like a star system. It should be. We also need to allow creativity to reign & walk away from the standardized model of education that we are stuck in. ... We need some kind of more organic, more authentic system for determining aptitude. ... games can play a big role here. ... games can play a big role in a new better form of education"
comments  education  change  lcproject  reform  us  learning  collaboration  socialnetworking  tscnmy  technology  play  games  gaming  gamechanging  teaching  students  scale  authenticity  creativity  kenrobinson  homeschool  deschooling  fredwilson  tcsnmy  unschooling  hackingeducation 
november 2008 by robertogreco

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