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Six Things That Are Dead, According to Harold Bloom | Book Think | Big Think
"Celebrated literary critic Harold Bloom turns 82 this year…is still publishing & teaching. In his honor, I’ve compiled a list of 6 things he’s outlived.

1) The Western canon.

[long quote]

2) American education.

“American education—even in elite unis—has become a scandal, in my opinion. It has committed suicide.” — interview, 2011

3) Art.

[On slam poetry] “It is the death of art.” —Paris Review interview, 2000

4) The mind.

[On Yale graduates flocking to business careers] “Alas, this is the death of the mind.” —Yale Daily News interview, 2011

5) Rock & roll.

“There hasn’t been any good American rock since, alas, The Band disbanded.” —Paris Review interview, 1991

6) The death of the author.

“It was fashionable, quite recently, to talk about ‘the death of the author,’ but this too has become rubbish. The dead genius is more alive than we are.” —Genius: A Mosaic of 100 Exemplary Creative Minds, 2002"

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february 2012 by robertogreco
The unconference is alive | THATCamp
"the term “unconference” is sometimes used in cases where it’s hard to see what’s so “un” about the conference. I specifically remember deciding not to tweet the otherwise intriguing-sounding “Indigenous Innovation Unconference” when I saw how much they were emphasizing their six eminent speakers and how little they were emphasizing any kind of participant-driven program. Similarly, plenty of events that call themselves unconferences seem to have whole slews of presentations, which strikes me as odd."
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february 2012 by robertogreco

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