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Meet Nava
[Notes below by Sha:]

"terrible title, but okay.

"Removing distance has made the process a lot clearer and a lot cleaner"

I need to get better at phrasing this:

"The less complex the software better, Nava says. But that's easier said than done, especially when you're translating paper to pixels. Managing how much information a user needs to divulge—and how the digital system processes it—becomes a new challenge.

"From a design perspective, general problems come up from a transition between designing for paper forms, then designing for websites," Sha Hwang, Nava's design lead, says. "On paper you need to handle all of your edge cases, you need to have every possible question that could possibly arise to fulfill your decision tree. A lot of the work we did last year for retooling the application process was figuring out which questions were necessary to ask of everyone and which ones were only necessary for certain people.""
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july 2015 by robertogreco
Russell Davies: death to innovation
"Agencies and marketing departments are still banging on about innovation. Sony are probably demanding innovative and compelling digital communications solutions from their staff, partners and agencies.

They should stop all that and fix their broken website.

I know it's hard, I know they have many products and regional overlaps and national feifdoms and complicated CMSs and whatnot. They'll need to reorganise and reskill and reprioritise. They could call that innovation if they want, but it's not, it's competence. It's the basics."
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september 2014 by robertogreco

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