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Sandberg Instituut: Shadow Channel
A new temporary two-year master programme in film, design and propaganda.

In recent years, high-definition video has democratised as a medium. Online platforms have lowered the cost of uploading and distributing films to zero. Social media are dominated by streaming video. Today, anyone with a smartphone has a movie camera at their disposal. It is now completely natural to think, sketch, and communicate in video. HD is the new A4.

Tutors and students at the Sandberg Instituut’s Design department have, since the department’s inception in the 1990s, been at the forefront of this development. The department’s new and radical approaches to moving image began to eat away at the edges of film and cinema. Many experimental graphic designers—including Shadow Channel tutors Rob Schröder and Daniel van der Velden—started to present their ideas via moving image installations, online videos, and, eventually, feature films.

To channel the momentum of an emerging movement of makers who embrace new approaches to filmmaking, we will launch the temporary two-year master SHADOW CHANNEL in September 2017. It is an independent master programme with close ties to the Design department. We are looking for applicants with specific interest in, experience with, and ambition for making radical forms of moving image, design and film.

SHADOW CHANNEL is a utopian platform commissioning, streaming, and distributing counter information created by underrepresented voices in response to platform capitalism, post-truth politics and the rise of neo-fascism. Participants will operate as a renegade production studio, running a ghost channel that streams short-and-long-form documentaries, music videos, and live feeds across multiple platforms. Responding in real-time to real-world issues, revealing and reflecting on the dominance of design and video in shaping the human condition.

The curriculum will be divided into backend and frontend. The backend will dissect the technological apparatus of ubiquitous video, updating skills and creating a deep understanding of the infrastructure. The frontend will amplify visual direction and critical storytelling, opening up a landscape of languages for maximum impact.

During the two-year programme, the channel will travel to cinemas, galleries, clubs, and festivals across Europe. Participants of SHADOW CHANNEL will curate, promote, and present (at) radical events that hack public discourse around journalism, politics, and the role of art."
film  design  propaganda  sandberginstituut  education  altgdp  socialmedia  video  hd  robschröder  danielvandervelden  filmmaking  edg  srg  technology  storytelling  juhavan'tzelfde 
january 2017 by robertogreco
Analog Meets Its Match in Red Digital Cinema's Ultrahigh-Res Camera
"The Red One camera gives moviemakers the best of both worlds. It delivers the ease of use and editing flexibility provided by digital cinema cameras. At the same time, the Red's resolution and color fidelity rival that of 35-millimeter film, and it allows the same kind of control over focus. Bonus: Like HD and 2K digital, it's cheap."
cinematography  video  cameras  filmmaking  digital  analog  hd  red  hdtv  hardware 
august 2008 by robertogreco
panopticist: High-Def Backyard Shootout
"Amateurs are doing amazing things these days with consumer-grade high-def camcorders, especially Canon’s HV30 MiniDV unit (which retails for about $800) and its predecessor, the HV20."
video  consumer  consumergenerated  hd  film 
july 2008 by robertogreco
Sanyo's Xacti HD1010 1080i camcorder shoots 300fps slow-mo - Engadget
"minor, but notable update to its premium HD1000 Full HD MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 camcorder. The new HD1010 adds improved image processing and stabilization, new "face chaser" technology for stills and video, and amusing new 300fps slow-motion mode."
video  camcorders  hd  handheld  xacti  sanyo 
june 2008 by robertogreco
FlickrFan public beta
"1. Every night, backup your new Flickr photos on your local computer. 2. Use a convenient drop folder on local network to upload pics automatically to Flickr. Sub-folders for tags. 3. Share pictures with friends with your own RSS 2.0 feed with picture en
flickr  mac  osx  software  photography  twitter  backup  hd  tools  sharing  via:preoccupations 
december 2007 by robertogreco
High Def on Vimeo
"Vimeo in glorious 1280x720 high definition. Full screen for best effect."
hd  vimeo  video  streaming 
october 2007 by robertogreco
Cool Tool: The DV Rebel's Guide
"What Rebel's Guide does cover in practical depth is the technical aspects of making a quality film for as little money as possible. Even better, it's aimed at an action film, which most budget guides shy from."
books  film  video  hd  howto  tutorials  production  movies 
january 2007 by robertogreco

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