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@debcha en Instagram: “Graham Stevens, "Desert Cloud" (1972) A 10x12x2m tethered solar balloon, the top surface is clear and the bottom black, so sunlight heats…”
"Graham Stevens, "Desert Cloud" (1972) A 10x12x2m tethered solar balloon, the top surface is clear and the bottom black, so sunlight heats the air inside and it rises, providing shade in the heat of the day. At the BSA's "New Inflatables" exhibit."
grahamstevens  1972  inflatables  science  art  heat  desert  inflatable 
august 2017 by robertogreco
@debcha en Instagram: “Julian Nott (1975, recreated 2002) This is a hot-air balloon made only with materials that would have been available near the Nazca Lines…”
"Julian Nott (1975, recreated 2002) This is a hot-air balloon made only with materials that would have been available near the Nazca Lines in Peru to a thousand years ago, including a gondola made from totora reed from Lake Titicaca, to explore the possibility that the pre-Incan culture that made the lines might have seen them from above. At the New Inflatables exhibit at the BSA."
juliannott  2002  1975  balloons  nazca  nazcalines  flight  perspective  inflatables  inca  inflatable  perú 
august 2017 by robertogreco
This Expandable Structure Could Become the Future of Living in Space | Science | Smithsonian
"Even NASA refers to the kind of spacecraft Bigelow is developing as “soft-sided” or as “soft goods.” In fact, nothing could be more misleading. The spacecraft Bigelow Aerospace is engineering are pillowy the way a fully inflated football is pillowy. They are soft the way the tires on a 450-ton 747 gliding onto a runway at 180 miles an hour are soft. Says Glenn Miller, the principal investigator for Bigelow’s technology at NASA, “It’s ‘inflatable,’ but it’s not like a kid’s bouncy castle.”

“If you were to float into one of these modules in orbit and rap on the interior with your knuckles, it would feel like you were rapping on the inside of a fiberglass boat hull,” says George Zamka, a former Marine combat pilot who flew space shuttle Discovery in 2007 and commanded space shuttle Endeavor in 2010. He worked for Bigelow for 14 months, developing training and procedures for the people who might ultimately staff Bigelow space modules. If the Bigelow space modules don’t look like what we think of as “space-age” habitats and vehicles, says Zamka, “it’s just because it’s not what we’re used to seeing.”"

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inflatables  nasa  space  soft  inflatable 
july 2016 by robertogreco
Robotic Sculptures Will Cross the U.S.-Mexico Border | The Creators Project
"Chico MacMurtrie's Border Crossers are sculptural statements that bridge borders, both physical and symbolic. MacMurtrie plans to install Border Crossers at a range of significant locations, including the U.S.-Mexico border in the artist’s home state of Arizona. Here, the artist would anchor sculptures on both sides of the border. Illuminated from within, the structures would then inflate simultaneously over the border to create six glowing archways, as shown above.

Like the Amorphic Robotic Works director’s previous works—which include his Biomorphic Wall and The Robotic Church—these six sculptures employ robotics to create lightweight, transportable installations. When compressed, Border Crossers can easily fit into a travel backpack. When inflated, however, MacMurtrie’s balloon-like creations can arch over fences and walls and are equipped with sensing and surveillance technology in order to stage the choreographed installation as a “mediatized event.” As the press release explains, “Border Crossers invites the public to rethink the notion of borders in a globalized world […] This project envisions technology as a positive tool to establish dialogues beyond borders, to question borders, and to create a symbolic suspension and transcendence of borders.”

MacMurtrie’s robotic sculptures debuted late last month in San José, California in collaboration with arts organization ZERO1, in the spirit of using art as a platform for social issues. The artist will further the discussion at CalArts’ symposium on Art and Immigration, Immigration: Art/Critique/Process, in March."

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chicomacmurtie  border  borders  art  sculpture  arizona  us  mexico  inflatables  robots  immigration  inflatable 
february 2016 by robertogreco
Gestalten: The New Nomads: Temporary Spaces and a Life on the Move
"The life of urban nomads places new demands on cities, residences, and working spaces. This book presents temporary architecture, flexible room and furniture concepts, and tools for a generation that feels at home in every corner of the globe.

Mobility is the ultimate new form of freedom: freedom from routine, traditional values, and geographic restraints. Today's creatives thrive on a lifestyle that enables them to work six months in a shared office in Berlin, spend the summer in a caravan in Chile, and show up in time for their next project at a temporary desk in New York.

This growing trend has generated visionary ways of designing products and spaces that facilitate a nomadic yet high-tech life. From a modular dwelling system on wheels to an inflatable classroom in a repurposed dumpster, this book compiles a wide range of flexible spaces and innovative products that define today's nomads. Through innovative technology, and by (literally) thinking outside the box, the designers behind these concepts give people the freedom to call the entire world their home."
nomads  nomadism  neo-nomads  2015  books  robertklanten  svenehmann  michellegalindo  mobility  temporary  architecture  design  inflatables  portability  inflatable 
april 2015 by robertogreco
WORKING BIG on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
John Lidstone & Clarence Bunch, Working Big: A Teacher's Guide to Environmental Sculpture, 1975, Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, New York, 100 pages, offset, 8 1/8" X 9 1/4". [.pdf available here:]
books  1975  sculpture  design  children  inflatable  architecture  tcsnmy  classideas  teaching  schools  projectideas  projectbasedlearning  inflatables  pbl 
may 2009 by robertogreco
A Daily Dose of Architecture: AE13: Inflatable Enclosures
"Inflatable environments are undergoing something of a renaissance today. Not since the 1960's embrace of bubbles in their numerous connotations (lightness, transparency, embrace, equality, difference) have so many projects used air as a medium for shaping enclosures, although they are still on the outskirts of architectural production. Technological and other advances have aided, if not outright negated the disadvantages of "bubbletecture," namely durability and wastefulness."
inflatable  architecture  experimental  inflatables 
may 2009 by robertogreco
Wooster Collective: Wooster Follow-Up: Joshua Allen Harris' Inflatable Sculptures
"The response we got after posting inflatable bear photos last week was amazing. We couldn't be happier to follow it up w/ these 2 wonderful the artist, Joshua Allen Harris. After watching the videos, we love the project even more..."
animals  art  inflatable  nyc  sculpture  sculptures  streetart  subway  glvo  inflatables 
april 2008 by robertogreco
Aeolian Ride!
"52 people in wind-inflated-suits riding bicycles through cities around the world...inspired by a love for bikes, city cruising, critical mass, costumes, sillyness + things that inflate, i decided to make a free, mass participatory event with a sense of h
bikes  sculpture  culture  art  wearable  costumes  glvo  events  fun  inflatables  wearables  inflatable 
february 2008 by robertogreco
YouTube - Life Dress® in TV commercial South-Korea
"People can cut off themself of the world with the Life Dress® (Anna Maria Cornelia) to use your private space in a public one."
advertising  korea  clothing  space  wearable  privacy  urban  urbanism  neo-nomads  nomads  design  structure  architecture  inflatable  inflatables  dresses  wearables 
october 2007 by robertogreco
Berliner Kunstsalon (part 1)
"Hilde Kentane had some inflatable pets made of recycled plastic bags and still bearing bits of commercial messages, icons and labels."
animals  plush  recycling  glvo  art  inflatable  advertising  inflatables 
october 2007 by robertogreco
haque :: design + research
"The domain of architecture has been transformed by developments in interaction research, wearable computing, mobile connectivity, people-centered design, contextual awareness, RFID systems and ubiquitous computing. These technologies alter our understand
usmanhaque  architecture  design  technology  ubiquitous  ubicomp  computers  artists  balloons  collaboration  collective  inflatable  electronics  environment  experiencedesign  gps  locative  location-based  light  interface  interactive  interaction  installation  inspiration  sensors  art  space  sound  social  opensource  networks  systems  visualization  virtual  urban  pervasive  everyware  materials  projects  sculpture  mobile  glvo  inflatables 
july 2007 by robertogreco
BLDGBLOG: Inflationary Spaces of the Aero-Gothic Future
"your in-laws come to visit, or your weird and apparently unemployed uncle who doesn't really talk to anyone stops by, but there's literally no room for them inside the house. No worries...a twin house...takes bloated shape in the lawn behind you"
architecture  design  inflatable  inflatables 
december 2006 by robertogreco

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