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Refugee - Mare Nostrum on Vimeo
"Hearing about the EU's plan to ban operation Mare Nostrum, Ben Falk and John McCarthy travelled to Italy last year to try and meet some of the people making the crossing from North Africa. They wanted to get their stories, their true motivation for making such a perilous journey and try to gauge what effect the end of search and rescue operations might have.

They have recently finished this small documentary of the footage they came back with and interviews with some key people working in the field of migration. (WARNING: Contains graphic scenes) With the current tragic news of more drownings and EU policy makers meeting to discuss the situation we thought it important to get, in any way possible, their voices and stories into the discussion. So we're making this public today."

[via: ““Refugee - Mare Nostrum” by @asylumfilms. Why are people crossing the Med? Watch this film now:

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april 2015 by robertogreco

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