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Design Thinking from IDEO | San Francisco Bay Area News - Crosscurrents from KALW
"Follow the news, and it can seem the world has too many problems and not enough solutions. That's exactly why people call IDEO. The design consultancy firm, launched in Palo Alto, has mastered a method for solving a wide range of puzzles, from transporting organs, to streamlining the services of the British national health care system. It's called design thinking, and IDEO founder David Kelley thinks its principles can revive creativity in K through 12 education. In the first report in a two-part series, KALW's Bea La O' visited Kelley at Stanford University's design school, to learn how design thinking might revolutionize schools."
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september 2010 by robertogreco
New Designs for Learning: A Conversation with IDEO Founder David Kelley | LFA: Join The Conversation - Public School Insights
"Analytical thinking is great. It’s the way you learned to be step-by-step—to collect data, analyze it & come up w/ a conclusion, like you did in science class. It is really useful, & I hope people keep doing it. It's very important. Design thinking is more experimental & less step-by-step. It's fuzzier. It's intuitive. It's empathic. We often say that it’s integrative thinking, where you put together ideas from different sources—it’s synthesis. This is a way of thinking that is not quite so linear, but you can build confidence in it if you do it over & over again…the basic premise of design thinking revolves around empathy, being understanding of what other people want, & how the world is put together from a social & emotional point of view…wouldn’t you have multiple faculty members with different points of view in the same classroom, so that the kids are not biased"

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september 2010 by robertogreco
The k12 Lab Wiki: Process
"At the k12 lab, we are continually experimenting around ways to help kids develop as creative and empathetic people. In other words, we value processes that help develop flexible and generative mindsets. Design thinking is one such process.

Like scientific methods, design thinking often presented in a linear model, but in applied practice, it is often much more organic. Kids will enjoy exploring how design thinking is similar to and different from other modes of thinking."
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september 2010 by robertogreco
Educators Approach Curriculum Development as Product Design | Edutopia
"Designers see world differently than the rest of us...constantly deconstructing & rebuilding objects & ideas that most of us accept as static & fixed...Everything is negotiable, malleable, & improvable...By applying the techniques of product design to education, they want to loosen the narrow, rigid process of traditional learning and show teachers how to tap into students' deep wells of creativity, encourage them to see nuanced problems from inside the very core of an issue, and make critical thinking essential to solving any problem.
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january 2010 by robertogreco

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