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Procrastineering - Project blog for Johnny Chung Lee: Robots: Cute and Less Cute
"When it comes to robotics, I typically jump to the technical aspect of planning, kinematics, & tracking. It can get nitty gritty really fast. But, it's great to see what just a little bit of artistic creativity can do when applied to even the most modest of robots. I hardly ever see anything quite this "cute" come out of the robotics research community:


Okay well, there's KeepOn by Hideki Kozima & Marek Michalowski which is pretty good.

At the complete other end of the "cute" spectrum is this recent video from Boston Dynamics…

Boston Dynamics continues to push hydraulic actuators farther than I think anybody thought they could. But, why does it have run like some kind of giant insect rather than an actual cheetah? Surely, staggering the foot falls would provide mechanical advantages I am not knowledgeable enough to articulate. Developing a robot capable of matching the maneuvering performance & speed of a cheetah would be quite remarkable."
marekmichalowski  propulsion  movement  animals  cheetahs  bostondynamics  2012  uncannyvalley  hidekikozima  kawai  cuteness  cute  design  johnnychunglee  robotics  robots 
september 2012 by robertogreco
When cute graphics mask evil games - Den of Geek
"Animal Crossing’s society of doe-eyed, sweet-talking creatures masks the game’s horrifying agenda. It’s actually a simulation of capitalist oppression, first saddling the player with a crippling mortgage that grows as fast as they can pay it off, before luring them into a materialistic treadmill of drudgery and spending.

Before you know it, you’re in thrall to Tom Nook, the apparently benign shop owner who rules the state of Animal Crossing with an iron fist. As the game goes on, Nook’s megalomania grows, his initially tiny shop gradually increasing in size until it’s become a sprawling department store. At the same time, your home gradually swells from a tiny hovel to a palace, allowing you to fill your life with an ever greater accumulation of furniture, trinkets and other pointless tat."

[Also takes on Viva Piñata, Pimkin, Pokémon, and others.]
videogames  gaming  kawai  play  capitalism  animalcrossing  vivapiñata  pokemon  pokémon 
january 2011 by robertogreco
Consumed - Rob Walker - Marketing and Advertising - Television - Nicktoons Network - Japan - New York Times
"What’s unusual about Domo, however, is that he arrived in the U.S. retail marketplace well ahead of his debut on American television. He’s on T-shirts and accessories at Hot Topic, greeting cards at many Barnes & Noble locations and grocery stores an
japan  culture  kawai  internet  web  marketing  domukun  plush  toys  chatacters  animation  stop-motion  tv  television  video  softies 
july 2007 by robertogreco

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