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Finland to remove cursive handwriting from education curriculum - Education News - Education - The Independent
"Cursive handwriting will be scrapped from the Finnish education curriculum and replaced by lessons in keyboard typing, it has been announced.

The country’s education board said that the change - set to take effect in 2016 - will reflect how typing skills are more relevant than handwriting. The move has sparked debate over the future of handwriting in the classroom.

Minna Harmanen from the National Board of Education told Finnish publication Savon Sanomat that "fluent typing skills are an important national competence".

In September 2013 cursive handwriting was removed as a compulsory skill in the US, where 43 states have adopted the standard as of last year.

Misty Adoniou, senior lecturer of Language, Literacy and TESL at the University of Canberra, told The Independent: "I think they [Finland] have made a sensible decision, and it has probably come about from a sensible curriculum review.

"Cursive writing is a reflection of a time when we used a fountain pen and ink - a writing technology.

"Nobody is arguing that children shouldn't learn to write by hand. However writing technologies have continued to evolve and most of us use a keyboard of some kind to most of our written communication, so it does make sense to spend some time at school ensuring children have those keyboard skills.""
handwriting  cursive  finland  2015  curriculum  schools  education  learning  keyboarding 
march 2015 by robertogreco
Learning from Minecraft
"This post is brought to you by the word queef.

Now that I have your attention, I will let you know that this post will actually be dedicated to parsing out all of the learning that happens while my daughters are playing Minecraft. We have become a rather avid crafting family as all of us now have Minecraft (with the exception of our three year old) and we have our own server too. What I am going to do in this post is spell out a lot of the things that we are learning from Minecraft. There is a back story to why this post exists so I will start by sharing that first. I will clearly label the back story and the learning parts so you can skip the back story. The back story will help to explain my first sentence."
minecrafy  conniecoyl  learning  edg  srg  2012  play  governance  citizenship  communication  culturaldifferences  networks  cooperation  cooperativelearning  punctuation  keyboarding  math  numbersense  geography  socialstudies  science  manners  engineering  art  socialization  intrapersonalskills  via:lizettegreco 
february 2013 by robertogreco
Is this the end of cursive writing? |
"In today's schools, the keyboard is king. But studies suggests that penmanship still matters."
handwriting  keyboarding  schools  education  learning  research  computers  typing 
november 2007 by robertogreco
apophenia: my long lost handwriting
"My handwriting skills have decayed. My ability to communicate without editing has decayed. My patience for creating text at a rate slower than I think has decayed. Typing is fast, handwriting is slow. So is handwriting all that important?"
danahboyd  handwriting  penmanship  skills  technology  education  internet  typing  keyboarding 
november 2007 by robertogreco
Is the pen still mighty in the computer age? | CNET
"Your grandchildren may use a stylus on a tablet PC instead of a Bic on tablet paper, but they will continue to write."
writing  handwriting  penmanship  communication  schools  children  curriculum  keyboarding  notetaking  cursive  instruction  teaching  learning  future  time  generations  change  development 
april 2007 by robertogreco

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