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"I want to make an imprint of this place – both visual and emotional – rather than a picture of it. With this in mind, I rarely “take” photographs. Instead, I devise ways that light sensitive materials, analog photographic paper and film, can interact directly with the landscape to reveal something unexpected; something that decodes the way we experience place. This physical interaction between subject and medium, translates familiar landscapes - natural and manmade - into strange, abstracted terrain.

I use a variety of crude strategies; hand-made cameras, outdoor photograms, and methods of folding film and paper to create sculptural images and photographic installations. This experimental approach transforms the familiar, yielding unlikely images that refer to location and subject only through light and form. The flawed material of the film or paper becomes as visible as the image it has captured.

I was raised in the forest, in the 1980’s, in bohemian subculture. The aesthetics of that time and place –the brilliant colors and elemental shapes-have become a visual language that I return to again and again in my mind’s eye and in my work. Our intimate landscapes teem with personal and collective histories that animate them and affect the way we inhabit them. These embedded stories are the impetus for my work. The simmering chaos of geological change, the cyclical growth and death of forests, remnants of military land-use, the place you were standing when you first saw him – it’s all still there, like invisible topography blanketing the land beneath it.

Klea Mckenna is an artist and photographer based in San Francisco, CA.

In addition to her own art practice, she is co-founder and photographer at In The Make, an online arts journal of studio visits with West Coast artists."

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june 2013 by robertogreco
In The Make | Studio visits with West Coast artists
"Founded in early 2011 by photographer Klea McKenna and writer Nikki Grattan, In the Make is a collaboration that offers an intimate look at current art practice. Through visiting artists in their studios we learn about each artist’s space, process, influences, and the behind-the-scenes elements that are often unseen in a gallery or museum setting. We document these visits with the hope of revealing both the richness and the daily realities of creative work. Our aim is to raise interest in art practice, while simultaneously debunking the romantic myth of the artist. We recognize that creative work is real work, done by real, passionate people in all sorts of different spaces. We are not art critics, but rather deeply curious observers; looking for the ways that each artist’s aesthetic pervades their environment and reveals their perspective.

Our focus on West Coast artists…"
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