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Poll: The Best Video Essays of 2015 | Keyframe - Explore the world of film.
"At this time last year, I attempted to account for the state of video essays in 2014, listing a few dozen of what I considered to be the genre’s most outstanding examples. Back then I felt I had seen enough to make a sufficiently authoritative list. One year later, I wouldn’t dare make such claims. In 2015, the video essay experienced its supernova moment, yielding more video essays than any one person can possibly watch (though playlist curators like Audiovisualcy’s Catherine Grant, Indiewire Press Play’s Max Winter, No Film School’s V. Renee and 35 MM’s Andris and Monta Dambrus try valiantly to do so). What’s more, there are more practicing video essayists and regularly producing sites than can fit into a cohesive network or community—Keyframe itself has expanded its offerings this year by doubling its output with an ever-growing pool of contributors. As with just about everything related to the Internet, too much is the new normal in the world of video essays.

And yet for all this production, there seems to be an awful lot of repetition. One can’t help notice an overwhelming amount of auteur-worship, with ever more heapfuls of tributes to the usual suspects: Kubrick, Scorsese, Tarantino, Nolan, the Coen brothers and any director surnamed Anderson. These tributes have overrun the video essay form, and with their fanboy sensibilities becoming ever more dominant, it becomes more imperative to seek out alternatives. In terms of both style and substance, the search continues for what’s truly eye-opening, innovative and exciting about video essays, lest they succumb to being just another form of cinephile navel gazing.

To address this challenge, I invited several individuals who I consider leading figures in the contemporary video essay landscape, whether as video essay makers or curators of video essay sites and playlists, or in some cases, both."
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