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What Can We Learn from Artists’ Projects in Museums? | The Getty Iris
"More and more museums are inviting artists to go beyond hanging their art on their walls to create engaging visitor experiences inside the museum. At a panel discussion earlier this week [ ], we invited curators, educators, and artists to talk about three pioneering artist-museum collaborations in L.A.

Robert Sain, former director of LACMA Lab, and Christoph Korner, partner at GRAFT architects, discussed their work on the Lab’s Seeing exhibition; Asuka Hisa, director of education and public programs at the Santa Monica Museum of Art (SMMoA), and artist Olga Koumoundouros presented their collaborative Wall Works installation (detailed in a great interview on KCET’s Artbound [ ]); and Machine Project’s Mark Allen and Elizabeth Cline (formerly of the Hammer Museum) discussed Machine’s yearlong public engagement residency at the Hammer.

Though the projects spanned three very different institutions and well over a decade, several common themes emerged. For more from the event, see the live tweets on Storify. [ ]"
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LACMALab 2002, MAKING: A Collaborative Reinvention of the Family Museum Dynamic [.pdf]
Robert Sain, Director, LACMALab, Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Frederick Fisher, Architect, Frederick Fisher and Partners Architects
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june 2013 by robertogreco
MADE IN CALIFORNIA - NOW - exhibiton tour & interview with Robert Sain
" interview and exhibition tour with Robert Sain, Director of LACMALab Interview by Lyn Kienholz, copyright 2001, California Int'l Arts Foundation /

MADE IN CALIFORNIA NOW - The Los Angeles County Museum of Art , LACMA West

Made in California: NOW is the inaugural exhibition of LACMALab. NOW was produced by Robert L. Sain, director of LACMALab, and Kelly Carney, LACMALab program coordinator, in collaboration with Lynn Zelevansky, curator of modern and contemporary art.

[filmed on May 9, 2001]

Introduction with Robert Sain

Part 1 : Jim Isermann
Part 2 : exhibition entrance; Jennifer Steinkemp & Jimmy Johnson
Part 3 : Eleanor Antin; Erika Rothenberg
Part 4 : Michael Asher (1943-2012)
Part 5 : Allan Kaprow & Bram Crane-Kaprow
Part 6 : Art Studio
Part 7 : Victor Estrada; Diane Hall
Part 8 : Martin Kersels; Jacob Hashimoto
Part 9 : Dave Muller; John Outterbridge"
lacma  madeincalifornianow  california  robertsain  jimisermann  jennifersteinkemp  jimmyjohnson  elanorantin  erikarothenberg  michaelasher  allankaprow  bramcrane-kaprow  artstudio  openstudioproject  victorestrada  dianehall  martinkersels  jacobhashimoto  davemuller  johnoutterbridge  2001  lacmalab  lcproject 
june 2013 by robertogreco
What #isamuseum | Sam Durant
"Is a museum a school?
Is a museum political?
Is a museum truthful?
Is a museum fun?
Is a museum for everyone?

Sam Durant, the 2013 Getty Artists Program invitee, is a multimedia artist whose work explores the relationships between politics and culture. His socially engaged practice addresses subjects as diverse as the civil rights movement, Southern rock music, and modernism.

For his project, What #isamuseum?, Durant continues to investigate these ideas by engaging Museum visitors and staff in an exploration of the roles and functions of a museum. Through a call-and-response format, visitors discover a series of artist-designed questions placed in unexpected locations throughout the Getty Center. With these questions, Durant invites reflections on and responses to the expectations and preconceptions of what a museum is. Individual responses can be shared on, and visitors can input their answers at an iPad hub site located in the Museum Entrance Hall. Social-media outlets, such as Twitter, Facebook, and the Getty Voices project, also serve as channels to discuss the questions and broaden the discourse.

According to Durant, "By expanding the conversation and encouraging different forms of response, participants can become active within the project and even change the debate around the initial issue.”"

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brian dick = brothergeek
"No Rules Except…YARD
In 2008 I was invited by the New Children's Museum, San Diego and the Allan Kaprow estate to "Reinvent" one of two Kaprow Environments for the Museum's premier exhibition Childsplay. Initially I planned to reinvent one or the other, but then it occurred to me to combine them. Kaprow's 1960 seminal tire environment Yard and the 2000 pillow environment No Rules Except… created with Kaprow's son Bram Crane- Kaprow for LACMA Lab's Made in California: NOW exhibition, was reinvented as No Rules Except…YARD.

The installation includes 150 full sized canvas covered foam tires; over 30 mattresses, a climbing wall, sound element (designed by Bram Crane-Kaprow); two heavy bags, a climbing wall with rope (inspired by the work of Simone Forte ); flashing lights and mirrors.

To date the installation has had over 50,000 visitors."

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