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"A network of activists fighting the corrupting influence of money in politics."

"Our republic is dangerously out of balance. Well-financed special interests routinely bend the levers of power to benefit the few at the expense of our general welfare.

Political bribery has been legalized by the courts, and both major parties have been co-opted and corrupted by the system.

The result: The upper 1% have done well. The other 99% of us have been left behind. And now we’ve reached a breaking point.

Rootstrikers aims to restore power over American politics and government to 100% of the people. We hope patriots of all political persuasions will join us to help build an unstoppable grassroots movement that demands and delivers lasting reforms.

Henry David Thoreau wrote, “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” Together, we must strike at the root of America’s problems.

Join us."
campaignfinance  money  grassroots  larrylessig  rootstrikers  media  opengov  government  activism  politics  corruption 
november 2012 by robertogreco
Kill Decision by Daniel Suarez - Joi Ito's Web
"In the middle ages, trained, mounted, armored knights could do an asymmetrical amount of damage taking out huge numbers of peasants making them an important unit of power…This influenced the architecture of government - feudalism. Later, with the invention of gunpowder, a large number of mostly unskilled peasants properly armed w/ rifles could take on a relatively large number opponents, leveling the play field & paving the way for democracy.

WIth the autonomous drones empowered with the kill decision, brute force manufacturing & big data analysis - in other words money - could become the primary force of power.

Whether you're talking to Lessig about the corruption of modern lawmaking by special interests or the #occupy movement, it's clear that money & the aggregation of financial power is out of control & taking over the world. In Kill Decision, Daniel takes this trend & connects it very directly to the technology that we're all so excited about & adds a deadly & exciting twist."
killdecision  fiction  weapons  politics  policy  law  democracy  inequity  inequality  technology  warfare  feudalism  larrylessig  2012  drones  disparity  power  money  danielsuarez 
june 2012 by robertogreco
The Greatness of College Lectures (Aaron Swartz's Raw Thought)
"you need to learn ways of thinking. These are what lectures, at their best, can provide. They show you how the speakers think about problems, how they feel about them, and, in doing so, provide a more fleshed-out notion than writing ever could."
lectures  presentations  thinking  edwardtufte  scottmccloud  aaronswartz  2006  larrylessig  education  learning  writing  speaking  via:Preoccupations  openminded  mindchanges  mindchanging 
may 2012 by robertogreco
Lawrence Lessig on Help U.S. / PICNIC Festival 2011 on Vimeo
"How are governments responding to the entitlement, engagement and sharing brought about by the Internet? How can policy "mistakes" be fixed in "high funcrctioning democracies"?<br />
Harvard law professor and Creative Commons founder Lawrence Lessig describes how policy errors in the United States are having unintended negative consequences and he implores "outsiders" to help US to correct its mistakes with balanced, sensible policy alternatives."
larrylessig  corruption  us  copyright  congress  lobbying  politics  policy  specialinterests  publicpolicy  ip  broadband  napster  culture  remixing  readwriteweb  web  internet  2011  netherlands  extremism  capitalism  history  alexisdetocqueville  future  corporatism  present  stasis  equality  entitlement  democracy  remixculture 
september 2011 by robertogreco
Joichi Ito Named Head of M.I.T. Media Lab -
"For centuries diplomas have been synonymous w/ the nation’s universities.

That makes MIT’s decision to name a 44-year old Japanese venture capitalist who attended, but did not graduate, from 2 American colleges as director of one of the world’s top computing science laboratories an unusual choice…

Mr. Ito first attended Tufts where he briefly studied computer science but wrote that he found it drudge work. Later he attended the U of Chicago where he studied physics, but once again found it stultifying…later wrote of his experience: “I once asked a professor to explain the solution to a problem so I could understand it more intuitively. He said, ‘You can’t understand it intuitively. Just learn the formula so you’ll get the right answer.’ That was it for me.”

Mr. Ito’s colleagues minimize the fact that he is w/out academic credentials. “He has credibility in an academic context,” said Lawrence Lessig…"
mit  medialab  joiito  larrylessig  innovation  dropouts  postcredentials  credentials  alternative  alternativeeducation  learningbydoing  2011  creativecommons  unschooling  deschooling  connectivism  connections  mozilla  venturecapital  mitmedialab 
april 2011 by robertogreco
Lessig: It's Time to Demolish the FCC - Newsweek
"The solution here is not tinkering. You can't fix DNA. You have to bury it. President Obama should get Congress to shut down FCC & similar vestigial regulators, which put stability & special interests above public good. In their place, Congress should create something we could call Innovation Environment Protection Agency (iEPA), charged with simple founding mission: "minimal intervention to maximize innovation." iEPA's core purpose would be to protect innovation from its 2 historical enemies—excessive government favors, & excessive private monopoly power…

America's economic future depends upon restarting an engine of innovation & technological growth. A first step is to remove government from mix as much as possible…corporate America has come to believe that investments in influencing Washington pay more than investments in building a better mousetrap…We need to kill a philosophy of regulation born w/ 20th century, if we're to make possible a world of innovation in 21st."
innovation  copyright  internet  government  2008  larrylessig  monopolies  restart  influence  corruption  power  patents  communication  stasis  gamechanging 
december 2010 by robertogreco
'The Social Network': A Review Of Aaron Sorkin's Film About Facebook And Mark Zuckerberg | The New Republic
"Zuckerberg faced no such barrier. For less than $1,000, he could get his idea onto the Internet. He needed no permission from the network provider. He needed no clearance from Harvard to offer it to Harvard students. Neither with Yale, or Princeton, or Stanford. Nor with every other community he invited in. Because the platform of the Internet is open and free, or in the language of the day, because it is a “neutral network,” a billion Mark Zuckerbergs have the opportunity to invent for the platform. And though there are crucial partners who are essential to bring the product to market, the cost of proving viability on this platform has dropped dramatically. You don’t even have to possess Zuckerberg’s technical genius to develop your own idea for the Internet today. Websites across the developing world deliver high quality coding to complement the very best ideas from anywhere. This is a platform that has made democratic innovation possible"
facebook  internet  larrylessig  web  online  democracy  networks  opportunity  entrepreneurship  platforms  2010 
october 2010 by robertogreco
Lawrence Lessig: Neo-Progressives
"every 100 years, body politic we call America swells with fever as it fights off a democracy-destroying disease [of] "Special Interest Government," government captured by economically powerful, as they find a way to convert economic into political power…now entered 3rd of these cycles…corruption of today is in plain sight…Some of us thought Obama was our Jackson…feels embarrassingly naive today…Arianna Huffington has become a leader…Along w/ scholar/activists such as Elizabeth Warren, Simon Johnson, Joseph Stiglitz & Robert Reich, & maybe even come-back-kid politicians like Eliot Spitzer…Progressivism in its best sense is not just a politics of Left…needs to be willing to put aside part of the agenda of each w/in movement, recognizing that no change, on Right or Left, will happen until the fever is broken…Mainstream parties have lost the credibility for reform. As in 1912, only a breakaway, trans-party movement, possibly with no single leader, could have an effect in 2012."
politics  progressive  2010  2012  history  classideas  us  neo-progressives  teaparty  elizabethwarren  eliotspitzer  simonjohnson  larrylessig  josephstiglitz  robertreich  ariannahuffington  barackobama  corruption  specialinterests  money  power  influence  middleclass  democracy  government  progressivism  via:cburell  republicans  democrats 
september 2010 by robertogreco
Call a Convention
"Our Congress is broken. Even at a moment of extraordinary crisis, Members spend an endless amount of time simply raising campaign cash. We need Congress to focus; to address the problems that burden America; to do its job.

The first step to fixing Congress would be to enact Citizen Funded Elections. Every supporter of reform should be working as hard as possible to get the Fair Elections Now Act passed.

But we can’t rely upon Congress alone. We must begin taking the steps necessary to secure to Congress the power to protect its own independence. To that end, we are launching a process today to get state legislatures to call for a Convention. Learn more about the path to a Constitutional Convention

This is a movement to restore our democracy. Join us."
politics  activism  reform  government  2010  larrylessig  elections  campaignfinance  constitution  change  us  democracy 
february 2010 by robertogreco
…My heart’s in Accra » On connecting the dots – a response to Lessig on transparency
"while we should embrace the tools that allow us to connect dots (the blogs, the databases, the fruits of the transparency movement), we are challenged to understand the dangers of our own zeal, as well as that of those that surround us. The solution is not to fight against transparency, or even for the reform of campaign finance – it’s to understand that a world in which we can all connect dots and share our zeal, we all need to learn how to read and listen in a way that’s careful, cautious and skeptical, especially when the data we see leads to the conclusions we’d like to draw."
ethanzuckerman  journalism  transparency  larrylessig  davidweinberger  politics  policy  government  corruption 
october 2009 by robertogreco
Snarkmarket: The New Socialism is the New Humanism
"But I think there’s a rare misstep (or rather, misnaming) in his [Kevin Kelly's] new Wired essay, “The New Socialism: Global Collectivist Society Is Coming Online.” It’s right there in the title. That S-word. Socialism. ... Ultimately, the new digital humanism is more important than the new scientific humanism, because it really is a humanism. It actually more thoroughly rejects the naïve, universalizing humanism than the brains-and-genes crowd. It’s MORE compatible with what we’re finding out about how the brain works, how it processes information, and the complex interactions between language, culture, our bodies, and our DNA. And it more richly describes what is happening NOW than armchair postmodernism, evolutionism, or millenarianism. It positively gives us somewhere to go. The New Socialism is the New Humanism."

[See also Larry Lessig's response to the same article: ]
kevinkelly  economics  web  internet  opensource  wikipedia  larrylessig  humanism 
may 2009 by robertogreco
A Declaration for Independence - Lawrence Lessig
"If this experiment in democracy launched two centuries ago is to survive, we must revolve back to at least this of its founding ideals: that the government must be architected to check the corrupting influence of improper dependence. This is the first problem reformers must fix. And however impossible it is for politicians and reformers to imagine a world where the people mobilize to demand this change, we must mobilize this world. There is no other choice. The slow slide away from a Republic in which Congress is dependent upon nothing except “the People,” is accelerating. Like the melting of the polar ice caps, at some point, it won’t be reversed."
larrylessig  congress  us  government  reform  change  gamechanging  corruption  legal  law  independence  politics  history  freedom  money 
august 2008 by robertogreco
RConversation: Silicon Valley's benevolent dictatorship - ""Power over our communications and identities is much too concentrated in the hands of people who are more accountable...
" v.c.'s and shareholders wanting profits than to users who want their rights and interests protected. We need to have more choices - which should include plenty of non-proprietary, grassroots, open alternatives."
via:preoccupations  internet  business  freedom  privacy  government  future  openness  technology  censorship  china  rebeccamackinnon  siliconvalley  power  policy  politics  ethics  surveillance  rights  telecommunications  vc  autonomy  money  capitalism  world  joiito  larrylessig 
july 2008 by robertogreco
The Kozinski mess (Lessig Blog)
"A free society should feed the right to be left alone, including the right not to have to defend publicly private choices and taste, by learning not to feed the privacy trolls."

[follow-up post here: ]
larrylessig  privacy  internet  law  legal  journalism  freedom  discourse  media  news  politics  rights  security  via:preoccupations 
june 2008 by robertogreco
4Barack (Lessig Blog)
"After debacle that is last 7 years, duty is upon Democrats to be something different. I've been wildly critical of their sameness, would give my left arm to be able to celebrate their difference. This man, Obama, would be that difference...has as much su
barackobama  larrylessig  endorsement  politics  us  elections  2008  government  opensource  policy  technology  law  net  change  reform  corruption 
march 2008 by robertogreco
20 minutes or so on why I am 4Barack (Lessig Blog)
"I wasn't going to do this, but then someone ask me to do it, and someone else told me (to my horror -- not that it would be insane for anyone, but insane for her) that she was for Clinton. So consider this my precinct captain duty for the lessig blog."
barackobama  larrylessig  endorsement  politics  us  elections  2008  integrity  hillaryclinton  democrats  karlrove  change  reform  policy  record  climatechange  corruption 
march 2008 by robertogreco
Change Congress
"movement to build support for basic reform in how our government functions. Using our tools, both candidates and citizens can pledge their support for basic changes to reduce the distorting influence of money in Washington. Our community will link candid
activism  larrylessig  corruption  constitution  democracy  freedom  money  policy  politics  progressive  reform  change  government  congress  transparency  us 
march 2008 by robertogreco
Stanford Law Professor Larry Lessig Bets 'Wikipedia' Approach Will Transform Congress | Threat Level from
"ambitious project aims to use collaborative software to harness extraordinary levels of pent-up political energy and dissatisfaction that voters have shown over the past two years with their members of congress"
Congress  corruption  freedom  technology  government  socialnetworks  larrylessig  change  reform  activism  us  legal  politics  participation  law  wikipedia  liberty 
march 2008 by robertogreco
"Intellectual property" is a silly euphemism | Technology |
"I argue that although knowledge is important and valuable, it's not property, and when we treat it as such, it makes us do dumb things."
corydoctorow  culture  copyright  content  property  rights  ip  knowledge  larrylessig  legal  law  language  technology  philosophy 
february 2008 by robertogreco
Lessig '08 - Change Congress.
"This site hosts this video to explain the launch of two exploratory projects — first, a Change Congress movement, and second, my own decision whether to run for Congress in the California 12th."
2008  larrylessig  progressive  congress  us  elections  corruption  activism  government  law  politics  california  money  civics  democracy  transparency  change  reform 
february 2008 by robertogreco
TED | TEDBlog: Larry Lessig for Congress?
"In response to the unofficial movement to draft Larry Lessig to run for US Congress, Lessig has set up his own site,, to help him decide if he should run for a seat in California's 12th District. A 10-minute video on the site lays out his pl
larrylessig  congress  elections  2008  politics  corruption  us  progressive  democracy  activism  government  law  california  money  civics  transparency  change  reform 
february 2008 by robertogreco
Draft Larry Lessig for Congress! - Boing Boing
"After the death of representative Lantos Lessig's district has an open seat in Congress and a special election will be held in early April. Lessig is rumored to be considering the position and has registered the domain"
larrylessig  congress  politics  policy  government  smartmobs  change  reform  corruption  elections  democracy  progressive  2008  us  activism  law  california  money  civics  transparency 
february 2008 by robertogreco
The Future of Ideas is now Free (Lessig Blog)
"After a productive and valuable conversation with my publisher, Random House, they've agreed to permit The Future of Ideas to be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial license. You can download the book for free here, or above."
larrylessig  books  free  creativecommons  copyright  ip  capitalism  corporations  control  economics  creativity  innovation  democracy  culture  freedom  publishing  ebooks 
january 2008 by robertogreco
Cyberlawyer 2.0 |
"Lawrence Lessig is known for his work at the interface between technology and law. Why is he shifting his focus to corruption?"
corruption  larrylessig  law  technology  copyright  internet  society  politics  government  us  creativecommons 
december 2007 by robertogreco
TED | Talks | Larry Lessig: How creativity is being strangled by the law (video)
"brings together John Philip Sousa, celestial copyrights, and the “ASCAP cartel” to build a case for creative freedom...pins down key shortcomings of our dusty, pre-digital intellectual property laws...reveals how bad laws beget bad code"
larrylessig  readwriteweb  children  capitalism  cc  commons  copyright  creativity  culture  democracy  freedom  learning  law  legal  property  ip  rights  technology  society  piracy  opensource  music  media  ted  activism  meaning  mashup  remix  content  communication  digital  commonsense  writing  film  video  computers  economics  politics  marketing 
november 2007 by robertogreco
Cory Doctorow (
"There's nothing else that's going to make copying harder from now on...if your business model and your aesthetic effect in your literature and your work is intended not to be copied, you're fundamentally not making art for the 21st century."
blogging  media  copyright  corydoctorow  publishing  gamechanging  future  nytimes  andrewkeen  culture  web  internet  computers  online  ebooks  books  writing  blogs  boingboing  influence  ethics  plagiarism  larrylessig  ip  cc  art 
november 2007 by robertogreco
Required Reading: the next 10 years (Lessig Blog)
"what I come with is a desire to devote as much energy to these issues of "corruption" as I've devoted to the issues of network and IP sanity...shift not to an easier, but a different project...a decision to give up [as] an expert to begin work [as] nothi
larrylessig  corruption  government  politics  change  reform  ip  opensource  creativecommons  us 
june 2007 by robertogreco
Artichoke: “corruptio optimi pessima” - the corruption of the best is the worst
"The profession of teaching in school, like planting harakeke for Tui without eradicating the rats, it represents an institutionalised dependency (of learning), and as such represents “corruptio optimi pessima”. And I am part of this"
education  larrylessig  teaching  technology  learning  society  ivanillich  identity  information  communication  community  health  medicine  schools  institutions  organizations  lcproject  corruption  freedom  dependence  economics  capitalism  consumerism  consumer  marketing  corporations  yearoff  family  relationships  cv  gamechanging  artichokeblog  pamhook 
june 2007 by robertogreco
Weblogg-ed » Bigger Challenges
"moving away from school reform conversation...not so interested in figuring out what School 2.0 means/is...just looking at my own kids and asking what are the skills and literacies that they are going to need...and what’s the best way to help them acquire them."
reform  change  schools  education  homeschool  future  children  yearoff  technology  learning  skills  lcproject  larrylessig  cv  gamechanging 
june 2007 by robertogreco

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