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Laurent Haug’s blog » Reinventing education
"In rich world, the need to adapt to a generation of kids who are more unique, social, connected, autonomous & collaborative, sometimes know more than professors themselves. In developing world, the need to adapt to the social context of millions who are left out of traditional system...Self education is not new...Collaborative learning beats top down processes...Education can be free...Diplomas are increasingly irrelevant...Education is a fascinating topic, one that is hard to deal with because everybody has an opinion on how it should happen. We are about to see a brutal evolution...Who will vehemently resist these ideas? Teachers...Like journalists when they saw millions of web users invade their territory, they will instinctively want to fight back & protect their experts status. It's a lost war, the wrong approach. Educators will eventually settle in their new, improved place in society. After all, isn’t it more rewarding to collaborate than to direct, monitor, grade & punish?"
sugatamitra  unschooling  deschooling  laurenthaug  schooling  education  change  reform  control  autoritarianism  politics  power  society  lcproject  tcsnmy  hackingeducation  dimplomas  credentials  collaboration  assessment  collaborative  grades  grading  gamechanging  autodidacts  colleges  universities  teaching  outdoctrination  holeinthewall 
june 2009 by robertogreco
Laurent Haug’s blog » Is (constructive) conversation moving offline?
"We certainly haven’t found a more efficient answer to bullies and trolls than disappearance, taking conversations private to stop exposing them. It is both understandable and a shame, much value getting confined in emails while it could become searchable. We need more solutions to make online conversation more civilized, while keeping the liberty of tone, diversity and genuineness that characterized the early days of the web."
conversation  online  discussion  trolls  society  etiquette  laurenthaug 
may 2009 by robertogreco
Laurent Haug’s blog » Crisis or transition?
"crisis or transition? The numbers that make news...are pretty bad, but...the whole picture? Yes, the banks are under attack & deservedly so. Their model is based on world that does not exist anymore. Like music industry before, banks have been refusing innovation, sitting on their assets without noticing that society was changing faster than ever. Customers have changed..., employees have changed, needs have evolved... There is a price for arrogance (it cuts you from your clients), lack of agility (you can’t follow change), heritage (having an history can be bad for you. ... I understand we all have a partial view of the world...I am no exception...these are weak signals, not backed by scientific numbers, which might not weight much in the face of reimbursing 1000s of billions of screw ups. But I am asking a question: is this really the sub primes, or are we facing a peak of inadequacy between large companies & the world they live in? Is this a crisis, or a transition to a new world?"
laurenthaug  change  crisis  transition  2009  banking  finance  world  gamechanging  opportunity  optimism  pessimism  switzerland  swiss  taxes 
february 2009 by robertogreco
Laurent Haug’s blog » Blog Archive » The early adopters crisis
"There is a disturbingly increasing number of early adopters who tell me they are fed up with their jobs. Those same people who were creating homepages with 28k modems back in the 90s are now closing their blogs, snubbing Facebook, moving around with no computer or iPhone, wishing aloud they had less commitments and more money to open a restaurant, a store, or engage in a life involving more down to earth activities. It could be anodyne - and probably is in some ways as we all tend to always want the opposite of what we have - but I feel there is something interesting here. Let’s review some of the arguments involved: The web industry got boring ... Humans need to have something to show for their work. ... the partiality of online interactions. ... Tools are limiting. ... It will be interesting to see if what happens these days is a fundamental shift, or just a temporary crisis worsened by hard economical conditions. Can the people who built new technologies really reject it?"
technology  internet  trends  simpolicity  tangibility  blogging  limits  tools  twitter  web  culture  life  simplicity  slow  laurenthaug 
january 2009 by robertogreco
Laurent Haug’s blog » Blog Archive » Politics is cool again
"Another question worth pondering: is this happening by chance? Or is Obama the symptom of a more profound change, where politics are undergoing the same changes than, say, “knowledge”, when a certain online encyclopedia established the power of the masses over the one of the elite?"
barackobama  politics  elections  2008  change  generations  generationx  genx  boomers  babyboomers  laurenthaug  wikipedia  reform 
november 2008 by robertogreco
Laurent Haug’s blog » Blog Archive » "u" is the new "i"
"I visited Ewha university and they have some “U-Classrooms”, with “U” standing for Ubiquitous. Seems “U” is the new “i” (iPhone, iGoogle), which in its time was the new “e” (eBusiness, eLearning)."
trends  ubiquitous  ubicomp  mobile  computing  naming  namingschemes  future  korea  laurenthaug  names 
september 2008 by robertogreco
Laurent Haug’s blog » Blog Archive » 3% of users create 50% of content
"The barriers to entry and regulatory mechanism are different in online forums but the result is the same: a little number of people making a lot of noise. Another case where online ends up mirroring offline."
laurenthaug  participatory  content  contentcreation  usergeneratedcontent  society  online  offline  internet  web 
july 2008 by robertogreco
Laurent Haug’s blog » Blog Archive » Twitter and real life
"Twitter is an early adopters tool more than a mass tool...after using it for a few months - forced by frequent posting on blogs & remarks of friends - I still have a hard time finding a point of being on the receiving end of an unfiltered brain-dump."
twitter  echochambers  laurenthaug  technology  earlyadopters  microblogging  lifestreams  facebook  mainstream  users 
april 2008 by robertogreco
Laurent Haug’s blog » Blog Archive » America
"I just came back from two great weeks of vacation in the US, the first time I went to the country as a tourist, took time to meet people outside of my professional world, and went outside the cities. A few observations:"
us  perspective  travel  europeaneyes  laurenthaug  impressions  money  productivity  government  politics  europe  food  tobacco  obesity  patriotism  wealth  cars 
january 2008 by robertogreco

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