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radio free school: Learning to learn-and is there a problem here?
"I take issue w/…his thinking that we have to learn to learn.<br />
<br />
I don't think so. I am getting really tired of this ridiculous notion that masquerades as a fundamental truth or wisdom, when really it is a manufactured & unquestioned belief readily perpetrated by 'school type' thinking. <br />
<br />
"Learning to learn" is another brainwashing concept that gets bandied about making people feel again that they have to go to school in order to learn…how to learn?<br />
<br />
We already know how to learn—until someone tells us otherwise. Or until they unknowingly mess it up for us. When we need to learn something—we learn it. <br />
Some learn things faster than others. Some will never be able to learn a skill to any level of proficiency. So how can a person "learn how to learn?" <br />
<br />
I also question the idea that what we need in this world more than anything else are problem solvers. In an interview w/ JTGatto we discussed that notion. He said that problem solvers are often the cause of even worse problems."
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march 2011 by robertogreco
SpeEdChange: Toolbelt Theory for Everyone
"The only way to allow students to assemble this essential toolbelt for information and communication is to to throw open your classroom and let the world in. How will your students know which calendar works for them - the one on their phone, Google Calendar with SMS appointment texting, Microsoft Outlook, or any of a dozen paper systems unless you allow them to try them out? How will your students know whether they 'get' a novel better by listening to an audiobook, or reading it on paper, or using text-to-speech, if you don't let them experience all repeatedly and help them decide? Will their choice be the same when they are reading history texts? Math texts? Again, how will they know? How will they know which is the best way for them to write, by hand (either on paper or on a tablet system), by keyboard (and which keyboard), or by voice, if they do not get to try out all the kinds of writing they need to do with all these tools?"

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december 2010 by robertogreco
The Way We Live Now - Home-Schooling for the Techno-Literate - ["Here is the kind of literacy that we tried to impart:…"]
"Every new tech will bite back. The more powerful its gifts, the more powerfully it can be abused. Look for its costs. • Technologies improve so fast you should postpone getting anything you need until last second. Get comfortable w/ fact that anything you buy is already obsolete. • Before you can master device, program or invention, it will be superseded; you will always be beginner. Get good at it. • Be suspicious of any tech that requires walls. If you can fix, modify or hack it, that is a good sign. • The proper response to a stupid tech is to make a better one, just as proper response to stupid idea is not to outlaw it but to replace it w/ better idea. • Every tech is biased by its embedded defaults: what does it assume? • Nobody has any idea of what a new invention will really be good for…crucial question: what happens when everyone has one? • The older the tech, the more likely it will continue to be useful. • Find minimum amount of tech that will maximize your options."
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september 2010 by robertogreco

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