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Eyeo 2014 - Leah Buechley on Vimeo
"Thinking About Making – An examination of what we mean by making (MAKEing) these days. What gets made? Who makes? Why does making matter?"

[uninscusive covers of Make Magazine and composition of Google employment]

“Meet the new boss, same as the old boss”

"I'm really tired of setting up structures where we tell young women and young brown and black kids that they should aspire to be like rich white guys."

[RTd these back than, but never watched the video. Thanks, Sara for bringing it back up. ]

[Talk with some of the same content from Leah Buechley (and a lot of defensive comments from the crowd that Buechleya addresses well): ]
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Everything Comes From the Streets- Finishing Funds by Alberto Pulido — Kickstarter
"The origins of lowriding in the Chican@ community have been commonly traced back to the streets of East Los Angeles or Española, New Mexico. San Diego and the surrounding borderlands are often overlooked for their rich car customizing lowrider history despite the fact that some of the earliest and most active lowriding car clubs in the country were started in this area. San Diego's world-famous Chicano Park, home to the country's largest outdoor collection of murals, was established by the people through peaceful protest at the height of the Chicano movement. Many participants in the land take-over that led to the creation of Chicano Park already were or later became lowriders. These connections add to the uniqueness of the evolution of lowriders in San Diego. The resistance and affirmation of the lowrider community, in the face of law enforcement and elected leaders who sought to delegitimize them and their expression of cruising, is a universal story of collective action and resilience that many communities can draw lessons from. 

Everything Comes From the Streets features men and women from San Diego and Tijuana who shaped and influenced the unique car customizing movement, defined by self-expression and cultural ingenuity. Our story traverses politics, self-preservation, and the emergence of critical spaces. The film provides a different perspective contrasting the belief that lowriding is tied to "gang banging" and violence. Instead lowrider car clubs can be an extension of families that affirm and build communities in the colorful and complex fabric of the borderlands of the American Southwest."

[See also: ]
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