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But First We Must Send Robots | Quiet Babylon
"Want to inspire the kids of tomorrow? Forget the heroic myths. That kind of inspiration is over. “Anyone can be the President.” No they can’t. We all know it.
timmaly  quietbabylon  space  nasa  economics  mars  exploration  robots  mannedspaceflights  engagement  cost  money  resources  internationalspacestation 
may 2010 by robertogreco
Foreign Policy: The List: Five Physics Lessons for Obama
"Everyone expects the U.S. president to know the difference between Sunni and Shiite, or understand the causes of the financial meltdown. But in today’s high-tech world, many critical issues have more to do with electrons than economics. Here are five short physics lessons for President-elect Obama from the author of Physics for Future Presidents."
policy  us  government  barackobama  energy  environment  green  politics  physics  nuclear  science  terrorism  space  mannedspaceflights 
november 2008 by robertogreco

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