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Marcel Kampman "Reinventing schools - project Dream School" - Lift Conference
"What if you could reinvent a school from scratch? What would you change, how would the technologies that reinvent education impact the construction and design of the building? Marcel Kampman is taking over that challenge in the Netherlands, and share the story of "Project DreamSchool"."
projectdreamschool  dreamschool  droomschool  marcelkampman  2011  lcproject  tcsnmy  education  learning  children  parenting  alternativeeducation 
august 2011 by robertogreco
Marcel Kampman » Project Dream School dream start - "organization abandons the word “school”...becomes a bootcamp for design where youth & collaborating community members apply their creativity toward innovative applications..."
"traditional classroom is abandoned in favor of space that favors multidirectional collaboration...building that houses organization is designed to be...easily transformed & reconfigured as quickly as our ideas regarding teaching & learning evolve & transform."
netherlands  tcsnmy  learning  school  coworking  dreamschool  droomschool  kenrobinson  lcproject  schooldesign  unschooling  communitycenters  collaboration  schools  schooling  johnmoravec  marcelkampman  jeffjarvis  curation 
june 2010 by robertogreco

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