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Design Fancy: Carlo Heckman - Core77
"With the relative success of the candles he took some time to write his first book, A Practical Guide to Sticks: The First Ever Guide to Naming and Utilizing Nature's Forgotten Gift. For the book, he categorized and named hundreds of different stick shapes and made suggestions for how they could be used in people's daily lives. The "Two-Armed Wallach" could be used as a hanger, for example. Other notable sticks included the Stubbed Randy (used for mixing paint), the Left Handed Squire (toilet paper holder), and the Bonanza (best used as a coat rack). The book wasn't very successful in the US but found a small following in Italy despite the fact that it wasn't professionally translated."
fiction  design  designfancy  designfiction  humor  mattbrown  carloheckman  sticks  writing  classideas  core77 
july 2010 by robertogreco
Matt Brown
"I'm an Interaction Designer/Idustrial Designer from Michigan currently living in Genova, Italy. I graduated from the IXD Masters course at the Umea Institute of Design in June 2009. I'm really into food, design, anything off-beat, early synth music, and other humans. A lot of the projects on this site should be viewed as design fiction, I don't mean for the object to be the product but for the experience or idea to be the product...That can't be said about everything on this site though. If you'd like to collaborate on something, have a job you think I could help you with, or just want to say hello please send me an email. Thanks for being here and enjoy."
design  creativity  art  artists  portfolio  humor  interaction  food  mattbrown 
july 2010 by robertogreco
Design Fancy: Berit Kalmar - Core77
"While at the TCSA, one of Berit's main tasks was to use the technology that was being developed in-house for quirky products that normal people could use. Like a lot of people, she thought that the fact that humans called balls of dust "dust bunnies" was great. At the time, the TCSA was working with ink that could hold a static charge. She took this technology and created the dust bunny print-out. It was a piece of paper with the special TCSA ink and a charging stick. These were sold in the mid 1990's in Western Europe and parts of the Southern US. For a brief period they were also sold in SkyMall."
core77  fiction  mattbrown  beritkalmar  writing  invention  storytelling  design  humor  skymall  designfancy 
july 2010 by robertogreco
Design Fancy: Kurt Manchild - Core77
"If the toys were a failure, then the video game was a disaster. It was never sanctioned by NES, was played during sleep, and nine times out of ten got stuck on a horrifying screen that featured a portrait of Manchild saying "Good Morning Tobias". The game came with a unique pillow controller. The idea was that someone would put the game in the system, lay down on the pillow, sleep, then wake up in the morning to see what happened in the game. The pillow was supposed to monitor alpha waves as well as movement although most people that have tried it would disagree. Both the video game cartridge and pillow controller are extremely rare."
design  invention  fiction  mattbrown  humor  videogames  games  gaming  kurtmanchild  core77  storytelling  designfancy 
july 2010 by robertogreco

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