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The Death Of The Unconference | Six Pixels of Separation - Marketing and Communications Blog - By Mitch Joel at Twist Image [via: ]
"You'd think that unconference are so passé. You'd be wrong. After attending close to 70 events each & every year, the handful that stick out in my mind are the more intimate unconferences that I have taken an active part in. An unconference creates an egalitarian moment in time where people from all walks of life (& all levels within an organization) can simply share, learn, communicate & grow. To run a conference & call it an unconference is a disservice to the unconference movement. Many people don't understand this because an unconference looks & acts nothing like their traditional definition of a conference (hence the name ;). It saddens me to see how many people start w/ the right spirit of an unconference but quickly get stuck in all of the trappings of what they think will create a great event (& this—unfortunately—looks a lot like a traditional conference).

If you've never taken part in an unconference, I would encourage you to look into it... or better yet…start your own."
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february 2012 by robertogreco
The unconference is alive | THATCamp
"the term “unconference” is sometimes used in cases where it’s hard to see what’s so “un” about the conference. I specifically remember deciding not to tweet the otherwise intriguing-sounding “Indigenous Innovation Unconference” when I saw how much they were emphasizing their six eminent speakers and how little they were emphasizing any kind of participant-driven program. Similarly, plenty of events that call themselves unconferences seem to have whole slews of presentations, which strikes me as odd."
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february 2012 by robertogreco

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