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MAGIC MOLLY - Brain Wilson
"When you’re a kid, the fact that different people like different music is novel. Not the bare fact of it (duh) but the sheer scope of difference. I’d bet that a lot of kids reach the age of eight or so stubbornly believing that some music is objectively good (the Beach Boys) and some music objectively unlikeable (whatever Tipper Gore advocates) and some music aspirationally palatable (whatever older brother likes). Shedding this bewilderment happens whenever you realize that people select music based on all kinds of criteria and not just, say, catchiness. Some people want music that mirrors the contents of their brain; others want music to counteract their thoughts and feelings; some like to find analogues in music, and some (like me) reach for orderly obliteration—songs whose basic structure, audible lyrics and repetition acts like an atom bomb for the mind. So, still the Beach Boys! Or alternately, surf rock.""
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