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Mookie Wilson’s Logic About Getting Out Of A Slump By Believing In Dinosaurs Is The Best Advice Ever Given - Barstool Sports
"So this picture went viral yesterday and is Exhibit A of why Mookie is so beloved, even if the entire article was a top notch parody. Mookie wasn’t the best player on the Mets but he was always happy and his name was Mookie. You have to be a real asshole (or racist) to dislike a guy named Mookie that is always happy. Whenever I have a bad blog day (which is probably even more common than I’d like to admit), I’m just gonna say I believe in dinosaurs, they believe in me, and then the dick jokes and dated pop culture references will start flowing no problem.

And if you are a hater that wants to poke logic in that quote, save your breath because it’s impossible to disprove. Either you don’t believe in dinosaurs like a weirdo (or Carl Everett). Or you believe in dinosaurs because you have a brain and they are awesome, which means they believe in you, and in turn anything is possibllllllllle."

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