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Honda CB350 - Wikipedia
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"1969 Honda CL350: Dual-Purpose Riding, Sixties Style
Honda might not have been the first motorcycle maker to market a high-pipe, 2-cylinder scrambler with the Honda CL350, but it was probably the most successful.” ]
motorcycles  cl350  cb350  nostalgia 
july 2018 by robertogreco
night shift bikes
"I started building electric motorcycles in 2006, mostly as a way to detach from the stress of my day job. I'm not an engineer; I almost failed electronics in college. I'm not an artist, but my mom is. I almost went for it as an artist, once as a sculptor then a photographer but chickened out. I have deep respect for people who create for a living.

My first build was heavy, ugly and slow - a golf cart drive train crammed into a stretched-out Honda Rebel, But I loved it. Build two was simpler - cafe treatment for a factory electric from Zero Motorcycles. Build three has been really fun - a custom build on the versatile Suzuki Savage frame featuring a battery pack from the cells of a Nissan Leaf car. Build four's a sleeper 1984 Vespa p150 with dual discs and rear hub drive, designed to handle the rainy New Orleans commute better than previous builds, Build five will be a 1973 r75/5 airhead and push my 3d-design skills, which are pretty weak right now.

Follow current builds on instagram.

Why electric?

I do this mostly because I want to make unique bikes that are fun to ride. But we need to talk about getting off of oil sooner rather than later, and I think kick-ass, custom electric bikes can move the conversation forward. Electric drivetrains are way more efficient than gas, and battery tech can now give you all the range and power you want. What's missing is the design/art part to go with the tech."
motorcycles  electric 
july 2017 by robertogreco
BBC Four - John Berger: The Art of Looking
[video currently available on YouTube: ]

"Art, politics and motorcycles - on the occasion of his 90th birthday John Berger or the Art of Looking is an intimate portrait of the writer and art critic whose ground-breaking work on seeing has shaped our understanding of the concept for over five decades. The film explores how paintings become narratives and stories turn into images, and rarely does anybody demonstrate this as poignantly as Berger.

Berger lived and worked for decades in a small mountain village in the French Alps, where the nearness to nature, the world of the peasants and his motorcycle, which for him deals so much with presence, inspired his drawing and writing.

The film introduces Berger's art of looking with theatre wizard Simon McBurney, film-director Michael Dibb, visual artist John Christie, cartoonist Selçuk Demiral, photographer Jean Mohr as well as two of his children, film-critic Katya Berger and the painter Yves Berger.

The prelude and starting point is Berger's mind-boggling experience of restored vision following a successful cataract removal surgery. There, in the cusp of his clouding eyesight, Berger re-discovers the irredeemable wonder of seeing.

Realised as a portrait in works and collaborations, this creative documentary takes a different approach to biography, with John Berger leading in his favourite role of the storyteller."
2016  johnberger  documentary  towatch  simonmcburney  michaeldibb  johnchristie  selçukdemiral  jeanmohr  katyaberger  yvesberger  waysofseeing  seeing  looking  noticing  biography  storytelling  skepticism  photography  rebellion  writing  howwewrite  collaboration  canon  conspirators  rebels  friendship  community  migration  motorcycles  presence  being  living  life  interestedness  interested  painting  art  history  france  belonging  place  labor  home  identity  work  peasants  craft  craftsmanship  aesthetics  design  vision  cataracts  sight  teaching  howweteach  attention  focus  agriculture  memory  memories  shit  pigs  humans  animals  childhood  perception  freedom  independence  storytellers  travelers  nomads  trickster  dead  death  meaning  meaningmaking  companionship  listening  discovery  understanding  sfsh  srg  books  publishing  television  tv  communication  engagement  certainly  uncertainty 
january 2017 by robertogreco
"Australian artist, Marley Dawson, approaches the studio environment as a test laboratory, and the gallery or public space inevitably turns into a hall of wonders for experimental objects. He is attracted to materials and processes with veiled significances that suggest the possibility of interaction, i.e miniature rockets created with the same ballistics technology used in weapons manufacturing, and aerodynamic, turned wooden objects made from rock maple baseball bat blanks."

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marleydavidson  art  artists  sculpture  aerodynamics  rockets  motorcycles  cars 
march 2014 by robertogreco
Cerberus Motorcycles
"Bring in your own bike or jump on a project that we have already started, Cerberus Motorcycles will work with you to bring your dream to fruition. Vintage, Japanese motorcycles are our favorite, but we are able to work on a wide variety. We do body work, electrical, engines, frame modifications, brackets, seats, paint, supermoto wheel conversions,modern suspension and brake upgrades."
sandiego  openstudioproject  motorcycles  mechanics 
october 2013 by robertogreco
Chinese DIY Inventions - In Focus - The Atlantic
"One visible sign of China's recent economic growth is the rise in prominence of inventors and entrepreneurs. For years now, Chinese farmers, engineers, and businessmen have taken on ambitious do-it-yourself projects, constructing homemade submarines, helicopters, robots, safety equipment, weapons and much more. Some of the inventions are built out of passion, some with an eye toward profit, (some certainly safer than others), and a few have already led to sales for the inventors. Gathered here are recent photos of this DIY movement across China."
china  engineering  photos  photography  invention  inventions  robots  housing  arks  submarines  2013  vehicles  motorcycles  slides  houses  portability  mobility  nomads  disasters  airplanes  diy  making  makers  bikes  prosthetics  helicopters 
may 2013 by robertogreco
The Illegal Dirt Bike Gangs of Baltimore | VICE
"Baltimore's Twelve O'Clock Boyz, a hundred-strong gang who wheely dirt bikes through a city where police are banned from chasing them, creating an illegal underground sport that the cops are powerless to do anything about.

For the last three years, filmmaker Lotfy Nathan has been documenting a Baltimore gang known as the Twelve O'Clock Boyz who spend their days and nights doing just that. He's been making a film called Twelve O'Clock in Baltimore (trailer above or here), which is now ready for release at the end of this year. I spoke to him about the gang."
gangs  biking  bikes  motorcycles  westbaltimore  clandestine  sport  recreation  urban  lawenforcement  2012  loftynathan  film  documentaries  documentary  subcultures  dirtbikes  baltimore 
july 2012 by robertogreco
Future Perfect » Caco
"Day 1 in Lagos – setting up our pop-up design studio. 2 weeks on the ground with a strong local crew, so much to learn, to much to do. Highlight? Taking an okada across town to pick up supplies and outrunning the union guys trying to collect their daily levy – somehow managing it despite their optimal vantage point at the edge of a gridlocked round-about. These are the days."

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janchipchase  lagos  nigeria  okada  transportation  motorcycles  2011  play  work  howwework  popup  popupstudio  lcproject  learning  pop-updesignstudio  studios  design  pop-ups 
august 2011 by robertogreco
The new Cafe (racer) Society: When is a motorcycle not a motorcycle? Dalniks.
"The term "dalnik" is unknown to most people, but they are a fascinating group of cabin motorcycles that have been constructed for the past 75 years, mostly in eastern Europe."
motorcycles  transportation  design 
january 2008 by robertogreco
PingMag - Tokyo Motor Show 2007: Concept Car Design
"Here PingMag presents some sleek ones, and even those of you with no clue about cars can admire their racy shapes."
transportation  japan  cars  motorcycles  design  pingmag 
november 2007 by robertogreco
Enertia Electric Motorcycle To Hit Stores In Early 2008 (TreeHugger)
"Brammo Motorsports, a company based in Oregon, will be releasing an electric motorcycle called the Enertia Bike for sale in the United States in early 2008."
energy  green  bikes  motorcycles  technology  transportation  sustainability  electric 
july 2007 by robertogreco
Your Very Own Personal Tank - Popular Science
"Deep mud, sand and snow are no match for this go-anywhere mutated motorbike. Click here for an exclusive 3-D look"
transportation  prototype  motorcycles 
september 2006 by robertogreco
The Kneeslider » Hyanide and Baal - all terrain motorcycles
"Here’s some creative thinking for motorcycling off road, it’s a tracked motorcycle. Ready to do battle with sand, snow or anything else, the Hyanide and Baal design concepts are part of the Michelin Challenge Design 2006 that’s taking place at the
design  motorcycles  transportation 
february 2006 by robertogreco
we make money not art: Dismantled Vespa
"Three Vespa Piaggio model PX 150 (a re-edition of the mythic model) were hanging from the gallery’s ceiling. One was intact, the second one had only the outer parts dismantled but the last one had been meticulously disassembled. As the installation was
transportation  motorcycles  vespas 
december 2005 by robertogreco

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