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Growing the Conversation: Talking About Diversity, History & Antiblackness in Multicultural Children's Literature (with tweets) · Ebonyteach · Storify
"Do Black Americans problematically dominate diversity conversations? Should we move beyond US-centric, Black/White binaries in 2015? What role does history play? In this Storify, I Tweet about some recent framing of conversations about multicultural #kidlit & leave with more questions than answers."
ebonyelizabeth  diversity  race  antiblackness  childrensliterature  2015  history  us  multicultural  childrensbooks 
february 2016 by robertogreco
UCSB Special Collections - California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives
"The California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives, also known as CEMA, is a division of the Special Collections Department of the University Libraries at the University of California, Santa Barbara. CEMA is a permanent program that advances scholarship in ethnic studies through its varied collections of primary research materials.
california  archives  ucsb  ethnicity  multicultural  tcsnmy  primarysources 
april 2010 by robertogreco
Foxymoron: The global soul
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"The country where people look like me is the one where I can't speak the language, the country where people sound like me is a place where I look highly alien, and the country where people live like me is the most foreign space of all. And though, when I was growing up, I was nearly always the only mongrel in my classroom or neighbourhood, now, when I look around, there are more and more people in a similar state, the children of blurred boundaries and global mobility."

"For a Global Soul like me--for anyone born to several cultures--the challenge in the modern world is to find a city that speaks to as many of our homes as possible. The process of interacting with a place is a little like the rite of a cocktail party, at which, upon being introduced to a stranger, we cast about to find a name, a place, a person we might have in common: a friend is someone who can bring as many of our selves to the table as possible.

In that respect, Toronto felt entirely on my wavelength. It assembled many of the pasts that I knew, from Asia and America and Europe; yet unlike other such outposts of Empire--Adelaide, for example, or Durban--it offered the prospect of uniting all the fragments in a stained-glass whole. Canada could put all the pieces of our lives together, it told me (and others like me), without all the king's horses and all the king's men."
picoiyer  travel  global  multicultural  losangeles  lax  toronto  society  identity  writing  books  globalism  ethnicity  human  cities  airports  homes  belonging  future  work  cosmopolitanism 
march 2007 by robertogreco

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