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"he New York City Subway is an city unto itself with 24 train lines and 468 train stations serving more than 5.3 million people each weekday (MTA Authority). The subway both alienates and unites. It inspires and it aggrevates. It is a district of paradoxes.

The Museums and the Network class at Pratt Institute, explores several facets of the act of commuting on the NYC subway. As part of the course, we have organized an exhibition that explores the subway's sights and sounds, the interactions that occur with people as well as objects and the virtual communities that come together as a result of their commuter experience.

This tumblr page serves as both a repository for the items featured in the exhibition as well as a forum to discuss subway musings and experiences. We hope not only to provide a virtual catalog but to encourage exploration and conversations. Please share with us!"
cities  infrastructure  nyc  subways  mta  museums  museumsandthenetwork  networks  commuting  sebchan 
december 2013 by robertogreco

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