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Myblock Homepage - MYBLOCK EDUCATION
"We are a NYC-based, fiscally sponsored non-profit organization connecting schools with professional filmmakers to teach citizenship training through video education. In Spring 2011 The MyBlock Education Program gave students in four NYC public high schools the opportunity to produce videos for a new online video map of NYC. This hands-on experience led to the unprecedented creation of a deeply humanistic body of work giving the public a personal and rare glimpse into the challenges many neighborhoods and their citizens currently face. Since then, the MyBlock education model has been adopted by over thirty schools and educational institutions, included in major museum exhibitions and events, and become an integral component to the fabric of media arts education in NYC."

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november 2016 by robertogreco
" (2011-2013) was a ground breaking, one-of-a-kind user-generated video map of New York City. Hyper-local videos uploaded by the public allowed visitors to both define and explore a moving city from the human perspective rather than the satellite perspective. It was one of the first websites to utilize the collective power of user-generated video to provide a holistic, organized, and immersive portrait of local current events and culture of a city. During its time, MyBlockNYC was critically acclaimed and exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art and the Venice Architecture Biennale. 

The MyBlock Education Program which continues today, is making the increasingly important opportunity of an introductory video literacy program available to students by providing a powerful video communications curriculum to schools all over New York City. For more information on the program, and to request a partnership for your school visit "
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november 2016 by robertogreco
The MyBlockNYC Education Program
" is an interactive, online map that brings locations to life through a unique platform that organizes user-generated, crowd-sourced video. This evolving and archival map is constructed from a human, rather than satellite, perspective.

The MyBlockNYC Education Program offers students the resources, skill-sets, and guidance to create short documentary films about their daily lives.

Our program provides under-resourced NYC public schools with a cost-free interdisciplinary video curriculum: simple and adaptable teaching materials, access to an interactive website, and free video equipment."
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january 2013 by robertogreco

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