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Neven Mrgan on Twitter: "Attempting to AirPlay to a speaker at the Thanksgiving party: completely embarrassing when it clips, not at all cool even when it works. P…"
"Attempting to AirPlay to a speaker at the Thanksgiving party: completely embarrassing when it clips, not at all cool even when it works.

Putting on an LP: immediately works with no issues, looks cool."
technology  airplay  apple  vinyl  2017  nevenmrgan  ios 
november 2017 by robertogreco
Neven Mrgan on Twitter: "Actually Smart home tech: • Induction stove • Ventless 1-tub washer/dryer • Counter-depth fridge • Cordless windowshades • Pull-out cabinets"
"Actually Smart home tech:
• Induction stove
• Ventless 1-tub washer/dryer
• Counter-depth fridge
• Cordless windowshades
• Pull-out cabinets"

"Soft-close drawers"

"And timed bathroom fans!"

"Don't even get me started on toe-kick kitchen floor vacuums"

"Refrigerators with the freezer at the bottom."
technology  homes  stoves  washers  dryers  refrigerators  windowshades  cabinets  vacuums  fans  nevenmrgan  appliances 
july 2015 by robertogreco
Blackbar for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad on the iTunes App Store
"Blackbar is a text game: a sci-fi story of a dystopian future told through the medium of word puzzles. Reminiscent of text adventures and interactive fiction, it has a unique mechanic centered around the concept of censorship. Censorship is frustrating, but the human spirit can beat that frustration by turning it into a game.

You'll pick up and understand Blackbar instantly; however, its challenges will keep you searching, trying, and thinking for days."
games  ios  toplay  nevenmrgan  2013  text  sciencefiction  scifi  puzzles  dystopia  wordpuzzles  words  language  gaming 
september 2013 by robertogreco
Focused dabbling - Neven Mrgan's tumbl
"The hardest thing for humans to persuade each other of is priorities. Should you be an exercise freak? A computer wiz? A classical-literature buff? A badass hiker? A game maker? A dedicated volunteer? A great cook? These are all worthy activities, each enriching your life and likely the lives of others. Our pasts lead us to a mix of a few obsessions, and hopefully we keep our minds open to many more. Those of us who commit to honing that one art may index excel at it. But for my doomed attempt at convincing you of how to arrange your life, I suggest a solid interest in, oh, three or five Big Things. They will compete for your attention, and the vagaries of fate will lead you toward one, then another. Things you learn in the first will improve you in the second, then bring you to a whole new third. You will be a happier and better person for branching out a bit."
howwework  work  attention  meaning  creativegeneralists  generalists  interdisciplinary  learning  hobbies  dabbling  focus  2011  nevenmrgan 
december 2011 by robertogreco
Neven Mrgan at re:build 2011 on Vimeo
"Bit Depth, by Neven Mrgan: At my dayjob, I design Mac software UI/UX, websites, T-shirts, and office signage. In my spare time, I’ve designed 8-bit games. I think every creative professional would benefit from fully executing projects of different complexity, history, and purpose."

[All great stuff. Totally agree with him about the gamification bit.]

[See also: ]
sideprojects  videogames  specialists  generalists  interdisciplinary  interdisciplinarity  dabbling  software  applications  transmit  panic  8-bit  bitdepth  depth  gaming  games  purpose  focus  darwin  work  design  polish  re:build  2011  appification  gamification  nevenmrgan  specialization  charlesdarwin 
december 2011 by robertogreco
Constant spoonerizing - Neven Mrgan's tumbl
"I spoonerize words all the time. All. The. Time. Good spoonerisms and bad. In my head. (I worderize spoons all the time. Tall. The Lime. Spoon Gooderisms band ad. Hin my ed.)…

I’ve only ever told a few people about it openly - not because it’s a big secret, but because it’s so… goofy and inconsequential. I know others have similar uncontrollable wordplay obsessions: constant punning, rhyming, anagrams, inverting words. Another minor thing I do is count the letters in a word and sort the consonants from the vowels, possibly as a pre-processing step for spoonerization.

This is a contagious brain-bug. Start doing it around someone and watch them pick it up. (I’m so sorry, Cabel. Oh also, dart stewing it surround omeone and pock whem ditch it up.)"
fun  words  language  classideas  tcsnmy  toshare  cv  play  wordplay  spoonerisms  nevenmrgan 
december 2011 by robertogreco
What it’s like to share an article from one of these iPad magazines - Neven Mrgan's tumbl
"Alright, let me find this bad boy. For some reason* I can’t search this app so let me simply swipe my way through every page of every issue until I see the article I mentioned. I appreciate your patience. Ok here it is. Hey also for some reason* I can’t directly email this or select it to send it to you, so let’s do this right. You ready?"
snark  ipad  magazines  sharing  twostepsback  frustration  reading  ebooks  digital  analogbeatsdigital  broken  2011  nevenmrgan 
april 2011 by robertogreco
Quark - Neven Mrgan's tumbl
"If you’re ever looking for inspiration, take a dive into the Wikipedia hole. I’ll be sitting here imagining a universe built of subatomic ducks."
wikipedia  nevenmrgan  quarks  discovery  serendipity  reading  cv  exploration 
march 2011 by robertogreco
A humble plea to Alan Moore and Banksy - Neven Mrgan's tumbl
"I want the world we live in to include a comic book written by Alan Moore & drawn by Banksy…

They’re both hypereducated, well-spoken British gentlemen with a wicked anarchist bend, a sort of giddy nihilism at the midpoint between the extremes of love for the human animal and complete disgust with it. They have very little shit to give for society’s rules that keep things in order, but they’re almost clinically empathetic of the individual. & they’re damn funny, on top.

Look, Banksy is practically already a Moore character (V, of course.) As for Moore, his sleeveless attire, wizard-beard, and baby smile are made for a Banksy piece; maybe he holds a bouquet of tulips over a Detroit slum, I don’t know. Their hometowns - which I bet they’re both awfully nostalgic about - are 100 miles from each other. Moore can curl up in his bed with his notebook and his tea while Banksy flies to LA or Tripoli or wherever, and how could they not churn out gold? Let me have this fantasy, alright."
banksy  alanmoore  comics  anarchism  empathy  writing  art  illustration  nevenmrgan  humans  lovehate  society  rules  cv  nihilism  people 
march 2011 by robertogreco
30% - Neven Mrgan's tumbl
"Apple can, of course, do both things - build great products and cut contract throats. But with this 30% thing, the 30% I’m really interested in is, will Apple eventually see 30% of its revenue come from various cuts, percentages, deals, and obligations? If so, that means a different focus for the company - a focus on things and people farther removed from me and you. And that makes me a bit bummed out.

So does it ultimately matter that I feel this way? Only in the same sense that the opinions of any non-decision-maker matter. Hopefully it’s food for thought for someone with more power."
apple  nevenmrgan  2011  ios  itunes  appstore  30% 
february 2011 by robertogreco
The man who wore my password - Neven Mrgan's tumbl
"So that really long, really tricky password shouldn’t be on a sweaty dude’s shirt in a pizza shop, it really shouldn’t. Yet there it was. For a few seconds I entertained the idea that I had entered a Matrix/Inception world where people and signs were basically UI elements. I pondered tapping my password, and felt a little disappointed in The Architect for showing it in plain text, no bullet-point obfuscation or anything.

Then rationality kicked in and I figured I’d work my way backwards: how had I picked my non-word, non-pet password in the first place? My three passwords are sounds that for one reason or another get lodged in my brain; this makes them impossible to forget, though not so easy to figure out independently."
nevenmrgan  passwords  memory  humor  rationality  security  subconscious 
december 2010 by robertogreco
Neven Mrgan's tumbl [On Art]
"Art consists of ideas, execution, and filtering; plus the consistent, repeated delivery of these elements. You’re welcome to mix up the ratios any way you want: an artist may not have tremendous ideas but she might be masterfully skilled; or a clever and capable artist may only work for a short while. True giants of art do everything well and for a long time, but not everyone is or should be a giant."
art  craft  ideas  execution  filtering  nevenmrgan  glvo  delivery 
october 2010 by robertogreco
Sprinting off the starting line - Neven Mrgan's tumbl
"[P]eople like to measure everything - screen size, filesize, resolution, number of buttons, number of levels - everything except enjoyment."

Likewise: "People like to measure everything - test scores, AP classes, number of books in the library, different languages offered, number of sports teams, - everything except enjoyment."
nevenmrgan  iphone  applications  price  enjoyment  schools  value  whatmatters  tcsnmy  unschooling  deschooling  distractedbynumbers  learning  policy  measurement  ios 
september 2010 by robertogreco
Knowable - Neven Mrgan's tumbl ["About those daily walks of mine: they’re great…"]
"I don’t make it a point to stash the phone, but hey, it’s a walk, so I’ll usually pass time by checking out neighborhood, trying not to step on cracks (or step ONLY on cracks) & pondering. If, however, question comes to my mind—[one] w/ definite answer, something that can be looked up quickly—of course I will look it up. There’s little to be gained by struggling to figure out meaning of technical musical term all by myself, in vacuo. […Example…] something I used to do as a curious & hopelessly computerless teen: work hard on cracking these questions. Have we gone back to moon after Apollo 11?…Do baby girls have uteruses, or does that develop later? Since there was no way for me to work out answers to these by searching desk drawers & sofa cushions of my head—the needed info was just not there—I would construct my own answers. Right or wrong, they’d on some level become assimilated into my beliefs. That’s an infrequently discussed negative effect of unplugging your info cord."
nevenmrgan  wonder  search  mobilephones  ubicomp  thinking  belief  answers  questions  information  efficiency  clarity  distraction  walking  whatweusedtodo  appropriateuseoftechnology  understanding  technology  2010 
september 2010 by robertogreco

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