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The Old Ones | The American Conservative
"Among the young there’s a strong investment in believing that no one has ever walked the paths they’re walking — just as among the old there’s an equally strong investment in believing that there’s nothing new under the sun."

"So good for Oliver Sacks, not only that he’s still thinking vigorously and writing well at 80, but that people are listening. But how many other sources of expertise and wisdom — perhaps uniquely valuable and otherwise inaccessible expertise and wisdom — are we ignoring because they’re old? Who is still out there with something to say that we need to hear, and could hear if we took the trouble? In whatever field of inquiry we care about, we need to seek them out and find them and pay attention to them — before it’s too late."
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july 2013 by robertogreco
All Objects, Even if New, Have Their Histories -
"It’s natural to assume, after tearing open a newly-bought object’s packaging, that we’re the first ones to touch it.

The assumption is wrong, of course, and a photography project by Lorena Turner is asking us to reconsider the notion by unearthing these ignored histories. With the finesse of a CSI agent, Turner dusts objects—all packaged in China and sold at US stores—before photographing them. The resulting fingerprints, of which there are many, act as evidence of the manufacturing cycle often invisible to us.

“This process allowed for the evidence of another’s touch, quite possibly the person involved in constructing and packaging the item, to be revealed,” the photographer wrote.

She added that the project, tersely titled Made in China, “highlights the human factor and invisible history in each object’s production”."
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july 2011 by robertogreco

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