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…your writing about him has a strange kind of ambiguity. …… I’m not trying to diagnose or accuse you… - a grammar
"Online writing & criticism tend to really lead the reader around by the nose — dragging horses straight to the water of the author’s opinion. It’s partly just the format…partly because of way people read online…skimmy & ungenerous: The average comments box is full of people who have clearly read text mostly in search of something to be critical or superior about. So it helps to be explicit…If you quote, for instance, a vile misogynist lyric, a lot of readers will be much more attuned to the question of whether you know it’s vile & misogynist — rather than the fact that they know it & don’t need you to tell them…

However: I sorta feel like “excoriating” pieces often suffer from the same problems of glib skimming, ungenerous interpretation, and easy superiority. Often it makes them a lot less excoriating than they want to be: They become little rallies for people who already agree with you, people who read words on the internet in order to be told what they already know."
nitsuhabebe  writing  online  reading  web  internet  skimming  groupthink  echochambers  commenting  reinforcement  ofwgkta  text  superiority  criticism  nuance  oddfuture 
may 2011 by robertogreco
Tyler, the Creator: Visionary Rapper or Obnoxious Teenager? -- Vulture
"Tyler, the Creator is ringleader and figurehead of the much-discussed L.A. hip-hop/skater/visual-art crew Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. Today, XL Records releases his second album, Goblin, the first Odd Future product you can pay money for in a store. Below: eleven thoughts about the album. All reprehensible language and sentiments are Tyler's fault; all overthinking is mine."

[Follow-up: AND ]
nitsuhabebe  culture  writing  music  criticism  hiphop  oddfuture  ofwgkta  tyler  2011 
may 2011 by robertogreco
Odd Future, energy, inclusion, and exclusion - a grammar
"Most everyone wants to be inside the circle of this kind of massive energy, not excluded by it."

"So how big of a deal is this? For those who can bracket it and enjoy the many amazing things about the music, it’s one of the least interesting things about the group—misogyny and homophobia are everywhere, but music this vital is not, necessarily. But if you, or truths you care about, are on the business end of those taunts, it’s an incredibly significant deal; it might as well be a picket line you’re crossing. This, in the end, is the hopelessly selfish complaint I’m making: I wish I could embrace the pleasure I get from this music without feeling like a scab, without knowing I can bracket things and include myself in a way that’s not so possible for others around me."
oddfuture  music  nitsuhabebe  sxsw  inclusion  exclusion  energy  2011  ofwgkta  inclusivity  inlcusivity 
march 2011 by robertogreco
a personal note that turns out to be secretly about the internet - a grammar
"But it’s a bad habit, plus sort of comical and annoying and time-wasting for everyone involved, this appointing yourself as the one who thinks he can help explain people to one another. Plus you can forget that people don’t actually need to understand one another, and it’s really quite fine if they just enact a conflict without getting anywhere, or yell at each other, or talk at cross purposes."
arbitration  understanding  argument  arguing  arguments  time-wasting  explaining  disagreement  nitsuhabebe 
september 2010 by robertogreco

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