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San Francisco vs. San Diego: Which is the better getaway? -
"Reporting from San Diego and San Francisco —

Every year, millions of people find themselves craving a vacation from greater Los Angeles. Many of these people don't want to cross state lines or climb mountains or contend with deserts, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, redwoods, Gold Country or Mickey Mouse. Which leaves them facing this question: San Francisco or San Diego?

Or, as some people would phrase it: Think or swim?

It is a per-capita fact that one city has more surf shops and the other has more college graduates. But there's more to this choice than that."
sanfrancisco  sandiego  comparison  classideas  california  travel  offcampustrips 
july 2010 by robertogreco
San Francisco's Best Street Food - Budget Travel
"Bay Area foodies are sidling up to trucks, carts, and tables serving everything from authentic Neapolitan pizza to dark-chocolate creme brulee."
food  sanfrancisco  travel  via:carwaiseto  tcsnmy  offcampustrips  2010  streetfood 
may 2010 by robertogreco
L.A. restaurant has the links to success | Marketplace From American Public Media
"A line snakes around the block in a gritty part of Los Angeles. Hipsters, families and tourists are all waiting to get into a restaurant whose name they can't even pronounce.

The name isn't the only unusual thing about Wurstkuche, German for sausage kitchen.
Last fall, as many other restaurants were closing, Joseph Pitruzzelli and his cousin Tyler Wilson, were opening Wurstkuche for fries, beer and, oh yeah, sausage.

JOSEPH PITRUZZELLI: We've got 22 I think in the case today. They range from the traditional brautwurst and botwurst and into the exotics like rattlesnake and rabbit. Buffalo beef and pork."
losangeles  food  restaurants  german  offcampustrips  tcsnmy 
september 2009 by robertogreco
Los Angeles Restaurants and Dining - Squid Ink - A Google Map of Jonathan Gold's 99 Essential LA Restaurants
"Thanks to reader @missfruitfly, who this afternoon tweeted the Google map she created of Jonathan Gold's "99 Essential L.A. Restaurants." Awesome. Twitter can be so much more than a 140 character communique of what you had for breakfast. Well, unless you're Mr. Gold. Who, by the way, can now be followed via Twitter @thejgold."
food  restaurants  losangeles  jonathangold  maps  mapping  offcampustrips  tcsnmy 
september 2009 by robertogreco
The Unofficial Thomas Pynchon Guide to Los Angeles* (*and vice versa)
"Pynchon, the paranoid poet of the information age, is LA's greatest writer. To be sure, LA—aerial view he likened to a printed circuit board—has always been central to the elusive writer's weird weltanschauung, his hallucinogenic stir-fry of Cold War hysteria, high tech anxiety, & low-brow pop-culture references...did you know he actually lived there in the '60s & early '70s, while writing Gravity's Rainbow, the Moby-Dick of rocket-science novels? His latest effort, Inherent Vice, is an homage to those bygone days, plus something no one expected from the notoriously private author: a semiautobiographical romp. Set in the twilight of the psychedelic '60s, Inherent Vice is stoner noir, a comic murder mystery starring a detective who—like stories of Pynchon himself—smokes bales of weed, obsesses over unseen conspiracies, and relishes bad TV. (Big Lebowski meets Big Sleep.) & if you map the novel against Pynchon's life in LA, it really does tie the whole room together."
thomaspynchon  losangeles  maps  mapping  literature  gravitysrainbow  inherentvice  visualization  books  tcsnmy  offcampustrips 
august 2009 by robertogreco
When Is It Socially Acceptable to Share Food? | Serious Eats
"With certain friends, ordering repeats is not, under any circumstances, allowed at a meal. Two enchilada orders? Dear heavens, is this some kind of sick joke? Talk about a waste of another sharable dish. For others, sharing food is like sharing gum or toothbrushes. You kind of just don't go there, whether for germ-phobic or territorial reasons. The spectrum ranges from full plate-sharers to nibble-sharers to that food is freakin' mine, step off, anti-sharers.

Of course food-sharing varies by culture and upbringing, but for many Serious Eaters, the pro-smörgåsbord mentality allows you to try many things. (Though we can probably all agree that it's not cool to offer someone a taste, only to have them snatch it up like it's their last supper.) Where do you stand? And how do you handle the issue diplomatically?"
food  sharing  customs  culture  etiquette  tcsnmy  offcampustrips  glvo 
august 2009 by robertogreco
Education - Goin' Mobile
"I’ve probably come something of a tech geek, [but] in day-to-day life I still tend to organize my worldview not by what I can find on Wikipedia, but on what I’ve found...on the real highway...Most of our school buildings are made for the Industrial Age...meant as incubators of local society, which is precisely why folks like Woody Guthrie & Jack Kerouac resonated with the sorts of kids for whom that localized industrial structure just didn’t cut it...What we need is to put the power of mobile media into their hands, teach them how to use it & then send them out into the world to engage with both their physical & online selves. We need to stop complaining about the time away from classroom learning that fieldtrips represent & start complaining about the time away from fieldtrips that classroom learning represents...We need to get away from the school building mentality. This doesn’t mean we don’t need school buildings, but...that we need to re-evaluate their function."
education  learning  mobile  technology  offcampustrips  tcsnmy  schools  schooling  place  phones  iphone  future  change  media  fieldtrips  reform  schooldesign  classrooms  exploration  communities  travel  lcproject  classroom 
july 2009 by robertogreco
Amtrak California - Kids 'n Trains 2008-2009
"Kids 'n Trains is an exciting program available only on Amtrak California which enables schools and other youth groups such as boy scouts, girl scouts, church groups, etc., and their leaders and chaperones, to experience train travel at significantly reduced fares. Your group can explore California and its rich history while visiting exciting and educational destinations along the way. This special program is made available by the California Department of Transportation in partnership with Amtrak®."
trains  amtrak  tcsnmy  sandiego  losangeles  santabarbara  offcampustrips  classideas 
april 2009 by robertogreco
Neighborhoods - Mapping L.A. - Data Desk - Los Angeles Times
"Welcome to the Los Angeles Times' map of L.A.'s neighborhoods. So far, Times staffers have laid out 87 communities within the city limits. Many of these include well-known smaller neighborhoods--such as Larchmont or Little Tokyo--which are listed under larger communities, at least for now.

Let us know what you think. As you explore the neighborhoods, you can leave comments and even draw the boundaries as you see them. For several weeks, we plan to listen as we finalize what will become The Times' standard for L.A. neighborhoods and the basis for more interactive projects to come."
losangeles  mapping  maps  crowdsourcing  california  geography  cartography  neighborhoods  interactive  tcsnmy  offcampustrips  demographics  cities  urban  census2000  data  ethnicity  income  population  housing  families  education  age  military  ancestry  immigration  community  latimes 
february 2009 by robertogreco
Bay Ferry Youth Field Trip Program
"The Classroom Day Tripper Program has partnered with the San Diego Harbor Excursion to add a new and affordable option to enhance your next field trip experience. See special discounted rates below when you book your field trip through the Classroom Day
sandiego  transportation  boats  ferry  classideas  fieldtrips  tcsnmy  offcampustrips  coronado 
may 2008 by robertogreco
San Diego MTS Daytripper Program + Bay Ferry Youth Program + Amtrak California "Kids N' Trains"
"To book a field trip, we need at least 14 business days to plan your trip. Call the hotline and leave a detailed message about the trip. The coordinator will call back within two working days. Only confirmed trips are eligible for the Classroom Day Pass
sandiego  transit  transportation  lajolla  buses  rail  classideas  teaching  learning  trains  amtrak  ferry  boats  offcampustrips  tcsnmy  mts  fieldtrips 
may 2008 by robertogreco

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