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Daring Fireball: Creating Ogg Theora Files on Mac OS X With ffmpeg2theora
"ffmpeg2theora is the one tool I found that simply just works for transcoding to Ogg Theora. The downside to ffmpeg2theora is that it’s only available as a command-line tool."

[another conversion tool here: ]
ogg  ffmpeg2theora  conversion  osx  mac  converter  software  howto  firefox  browser  codecs  quicktime  tutorial  macosx  browsers 
july 2009 by robertogreco
Internet Archive Videos Formatted in Ogg Theora for OLPC - One Laptop Per Child News
"The other day John Gilmore pointed me towards a very interesting initiative: the Internet Archive is currently working on making all its videos accessible to OLPC XO users by converting them to Ogg Theora. And in this case "all its videos" means 185,000 moving images, including many cartoons and full-length movies that have fallen into the public domain."
olpc  inernetarchive  video  ogg  oggtheora  content 
december 2008 by robertogreco

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