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Deschooling and the Web: Ivan Illich 30 Years On - Educational Media International
"In 1971 the anarchist philosopher Ivan Illich published a slim volume that advocated the unthinkable: ridding the world of schools. His arguments were so persuasive that the book caused many people to question the assumptions on which we base our ideas of education. Illich advocated the replacement of institutionalised schooling by community-driven "opportunity webs" that would enable learners to be in control of their own learning and teachers to offer their services in an entrepreneurial fashion. As persuasive as his ideas were, they were not really practical given the technology of the 1970s, but perhaps Illich was ahead of his time as today the World Wide Web has created opportunities for both learners and teachers to do exactly what he described. This paper examines Illich's propositions in terms of their antecedents in the free education movements of the past century and their potential in the global anarchy of the World Wide Web."
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april 2011 by robertogreco

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