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The National Paideia Center
"The National Paideia Center improves the ability of adults and students to think and communicate so that each might be good citizens, earn a decent living, and lead a good life.

...Paideia teachers use three instructional techniques: 1. didactic instruction for increasing students’ factual recall, 2. intellectual coaching for developing students’ literacy skills, and 3. seminar dialogue to strengthen students’ conceptual understanding.

In Paideia classrooms, all students are involved in a wide range of academic work and social practices needed to achieve the following objectives: * to become good citizens, * to earn a decent living, * and to lead a good life.

Paideia classrooms feature seminar dialogue to teach [Phillips Middle School students engaged in an intellectual dialogue during a Paideia Seminar.] critical and creative thinking. Paideia schools are built on the idea that public schooling is preparation for becoming educated over the course of one’s life time."

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march 2010 by robertogreco - A School Where You Shouldn't Raise Your Hand
"Muir has changed the way it looks at learning. It pulled teachers out of the limelight. It let kids drive the discussions. And it focused on individualized projects that pull from different subjects, such as having students study their personal heroes and making websites about them.

Three years ago, the K-12 magnet school in Clairemont turned to an educational philosophy called Paideia, a relatively rare approach that emphasizes freewheeling seminars, personalized projects and critical thinking. Lectures are frowned on. Nobody has the one right answer. Muir's immediate goal was to get students more engaged in class, but the method has a broader aim -- to teach kids to think, read and write critically all their lives."
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march 2010 by robertogreco

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