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Paris 26 Gigapixels - Interactive virtual tour of the most beautiful monuments of Paris
"Paris 26 Gigapixels is a stitching of 2346 single photos showing a very high-resolution panoramic view of the French capital (354159x75570 px). Dive into the image and visit Paris like never before!"
paris  panorama  photography  visualization  france  srg 
march 2010 by robertogreco
Pano for iPhone
"Pano for iPhone lets you take beautiful, seamless panoramic photos straight from your phone, no other software necessary."
iphone  applications  photography  software  panorama  csiap  ios 
march 2009 by robertogreco
MapJack - Your City Online
"Jack may look like an ordinary guy, but he sure gets around, with the help of us of course -- a small team dedicated to high quality Immersive Street-Side Imagery, and bringing mass coverage online."
search  mapping  maps  locative  sanfrancisco  googlemaps  travel  streetview  panorama  geolocation  virtualworlds  visualization  virtualization  virtual  streets 
march 2008 by robertogreco
Flash: 360° video with PaperVision 3D
"First, you need a movie filmed with a 360° camera. Look at the movie here: And this is the camera"
3d  video  digital  cameras  interaction  panorama  multimedia  mapping 
january 2008 by robertogreco
GWENAËL BÉLANGER | Artiste > Chutes (2003)
"J’ai donc décidé de courir (ou rouler) littéralement les rues avec le but de faire apparaître des éléments du décor qui nous entourent et que nous ne remarquons pas, qui nous échappent."
art  photography  montreal  canada  panorama  cities  streets  space  surroundings 
june 2007 by robertogreco
[daily dose of imagery] king's college circle
"here's a brief explanation on how to make your little planets using photographs"
panorama  photography  photoshop  planets  animalcrossing  tutorials  tips  diy  howto  images 
june 2007 by robertogreco
Scanner Cameras
"By building simple, easy to build and reconfigure single-lens camera obscura variants, and replacing the photographic paper with a cheap flatbed scanner, an alternative form of digital photography can be created... one which provides surprisingly unique
art  cameras  photography  scanner  panorama  diy  make  howto 
february 2006 by robertogreco
"This movie can pan! Click on it and drag the mouse."
photography  video  panorama  movies 
january 2006 by robertogreco

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