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The individual defines the large scale. A city of parts. - Non-Intentional Landscape
"The individual defines the large scale[36]. A city of parts[37]. And depending on your viewpoint each entity has the characteristics of a “whole” as well as a “part”[38]. One does not live beside, but within the Tokyo landscape of gardens, a place of growth, of maximized spontaneity[39]. The individual action of gardening is personal and deliberate – a form of use-related behaviour which addresses human(e) needs through an act of creation which is not deliberately designed (‘professional’) landscape architecture/art[40] [41].

Paralleling the no-center development of Edo, everyday Tokyo takes shape as an accumulation of the activities of individuals or groups making the most of the individuality of distinct place [42] but with a horizontal solidarity that (unlike the all encompassing city visions of Europe) forms (in amorphous aggregate) Tokyo’s non-intentional landscape of not only flowers, green and edibles but memories and meanings, traditions and social norms, relationships and support (this idea is a social psychological extension of the notion of city making as landscaping present in the Edo period[43]). The living urban fabric is maintained by an enormous number of daily small-scale interventions that are an essential part of the process of organic repair[44]."
cities  urban  urbanism  chaos  messiness  complexity  japan  tokyo  organisms  2013  chrisberthelsen  yoshinobuashihara  scale  parts  landscape  architecture  landscapearchitecture 
january 2013 by robertogreco
OLPC News: XO replacement parts available at ilovemyxo
"I just got word that the folks over received their first shipment of OLPC XO replacement parts the other day. That means that you will now be able to replace sticky keyboards, non-functioning touchpads and broken displays. Additionally you can order replacement batteries and additional power adapters.
olpc  xo  parts 
september 2008 by robertogreco
Bike Hugger · Single speed no more - NEXUS!
"I finally have my geared option for my One One Pompino cyclocross bike. I worked with Scotty down at uBRDO to finally dig up a Shimano Nexus 8 Speed hub and convert my single/fixed cross bike into sunny day road cruiser."
bikes  gear  parts  hubs 
july 2008 by robertogreco
Inside the Black Hole, a Spare Parts Warehouse for Nukes
"Black Hole, also known as the Los Alamos Sales Company, a surplus store filled with cast-off lab equipment from the adjacent Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory."
losalamos  nuclear  parts  shopping  technology  photography 
december 2007 by robertogreco
Gallery: Rocket Junkyard Fuels Private Space Ventures, Lowriders
"Like some Star Wars outpost where rogue spaceships go for parts, Norton Sales has some amazingly advanced junk. Its location in North Hollywood, however, is as mundane as its wares are exotic."
make  losangeles  diy  electronics  space  technology  parts 
november 2007 by robertogreco

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